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Games and Stuff

The Gothic Banner Link ExchangeThe Gothic Banner Link Exchange
The Gothic Banner Link Exchange

Here are some links that i think you may find interesting. They are always good to use when you just don't feel you can write another paper and need to procrastinate. These work very well, you can trust me on that

Find-A-Grave Using this you can find the grave of just about any celebrity that might intrest you.

Shape Personality Test Yet another test to have a blast with.

Virtual Cow Tipping I am from TN. Need i say more?

Sell Your Soul to Satan Online now. Can you believe it? I would sell my soul to him but i already gave it to my friend Blain. At least I know someone is taking care of it.

Tarot Cards and More If you are as addicted to getting your fotune told as I am you will like this site a lot.

Biorythimic Compatibility Test

Mondegreen Did you hear the lyrics wrong? Go here and see if you agree with others that also heard it wrong too.

Online Ouija Board I missed mine since i have been at school. :(

Tic-Tac-Toe Always a good in class game too.

Crossword of the Day Go figure, a new one every day, how did they ever think that one up?

Piercing Mildred I haven't won yet but i am still trying.

Online Pregnancy Test I found out i was having a little girl. Now how will i ever get the courage to tell my mother?

Purity Tests Galore See how low you can go.....

Horrible Horoscopes

The Kevin Bacon Game Wonderful for endless hours of procrastination.

The Magic 8 ball

Net Chick- The Magic 8 Bra Kind of a spin off of the magic 8 ball that is just as powerful.

Find the Spam I think this one is pretty self explanatory

Random Monty Python Server

Random Smiley

Random 80s Lyrics

go here or here For those lovable dancing babies

Online Poetry Kit Magnetic poetry but online!

The Love Calculator See if you and your current SO are compatible.

Past Lives Find out what you were.

The Death Clock How much longer do you have left to live?

Virtual Plague

These don't exactly have anything to do with games but i happen to find them quite interesting. So since this is my page i get to put them here.

Online Russian Grammar

Learning Basic Russian