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Last updated January 10, 2000.

The Piangi Shrine

This site is devoted to the nicest character in Andrew Lloyd Webber's "Phantom of the Opera." Ubaldo Piangi is the principal tenor at the Paris Opera House and also, according to most, the beautiful diva Carlotta's love interest.

Updates: Larry Wayne Morbitt, Dornbusch, and Stein-Grainger.

Interviews and Playbill Blurbs

Shingo Akedo
Current Japan Piangi
John Aron
(bio) Original London Piangi
Ravil Atlas
(bio) San Fransisco Piangi
Richard Braebrook
(bio) London Piangi
Paul Brodene-Smith
Future London, Hamburg alternate
Erick Buckley
(bio) Former NYC and Tour understudy
Mark Calkins
(bio) former Music Box Tour Piangi
Donn Cook
(bio) former Raoul Tour Piangi
Peter Cormican
(bio) Far East Tour, Original Toronto Piangi
Frederick Donaldson
(bio) former Toronto
Hans Dornbusch
(bio) Basel Piangi
Ray Friedeck
(pictures) Former Music Box Tour
Stefano Fucile
(bio) former Raoul Tour Piangi
Frederic Heringes
(bio) former Broadway Piangi
David Hillman
(bio) London Piangi
Kenzo Ishii
Former Japan Piangi
Patrick Jones
(bio) former Broadway Piangi
Masayuki Kurata
Former Japan Piangi
Adriaan van Limpt
(bio) former Dutch Piangi
John MacMaster
(bio) former Toronto Piangi (95-96)
Larry Wayne Morbitt
(bio) Current NY
Gualtiero Negrini
(bio) San Fransisco Piangi
Gale Oxley
(pictures) Former Raoul Tour
Ramon Remedios
(bio) former Dutch Piangi
Gary Rideout
(bio) former Toronto and Broadway Piangi
David Romano
(pictures) Former New York
Roland Rusinek
(bio) former Toronto Piangi
Nicolas F. Saverine
(bio) former Dutch Piangi
David Smeltzer
(bio) Canadian International Touring understudy
Steven Stein-Grainger
(bio) Current Music Box Tour, former Toronto
Jan-Ate Stobbe
(bio) former Dutch Piangi understudy
Patrick Togher
(From Patrick) former Piangi in Sydney, Brisbane and London
Rudi de Vries
(bio) former Dutch Piangi understudy
Brent Weber
(bio) Current Toronto Piangi