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~~~~August 30~~~~ Sorry I haven't updated recently, just that I haven't had much news. :) Anyway, I won the first round (yippee!!!) AND won DQueen's Choice Award for my cheer (YIPPEEEE!!!!!!!!!): Pharaohs, Pharaohs, Pharaohs,

Pharaohs, Pharaohs, Pharaohs,

They say that we are pretty good,

I say we do better than they think we could!

They say our spirit is not that high,

I say our spirit reaches to the sky,

They say we don't post cheers and things,

I say our best pharaohs stand out and sing,

They say we don't know how to fight,

I say we blow 'em out of sight!!!!!

Pharaohs, Pharaohs, Pharaohs,

Pharaohs, Pharaohs, Pharaohs!

And here is the award!!!!!!

~~~~August 21~~~~

~~~~August 13~~~~


D is for dazzling, that's something we are,

Q is for quick, we're the quickest by far.

U is for understanding, we care about you,

E is for excited, we have tons of fun, too!

E is for excellent, we are the best,

N is for never-stopping, we will not rest.

S is for SPIRIT, the most important thing,

P is for power, which the pharaoh's will bring!

H is for How? Making friends is the key,

A is for awesome, for awesome are we!

R is for rejoicing, we live happily,

A is for always living in harmony.

O is for offering, never just take,

H is for help, and many friends you will make!

S is for SPIRIT. Again, you may say? Spirit's the best, in each and every way!!


Spirit is one of the most important things in the site fights. Keep up the true spirit, you will go far. Join hands across the world, make a spirit page for your web site!

-Forest Spirit

My newest Site Fight adoptions. :-) The purple one is called DChamp Alex, and can't wait to be old enough to participate with me in the Site Fights. The one that's crying is called DChamp Spirit Baby. :-) He is supposed to represent the spirit on this page, but seems to be a little sad right now. Maybe the spirit on this page will cheer him up soon! :-P

Here is my certificate for them both.
This is my Site Fights dragon, Flamez. Isn't she cute? Adopt one for yourself, here:

Hey, I'm a spirit! HOORAY! My name is Forest Spirit, and here are my personalized logos: the top one is from DSpirit, and the second is from DLight! Thanks, you guyz!! :-)
~~~~August 12~~~~

SONG PLAYING: Walk Like an Egyptian, by the Bangles 'Walk Like an Egyptian' is my saying, as part of the DQueen's Pharaohs. So everyone- WALK LIKE AN EGYPTIAN!!!! Yeah!

The official DQueen's Pharaoh's Cheer:

Listen to my first cheer- more to come, I hope! Go go go, PHARAOHS!

Yes, the Pharaohs are the best,

We fight forever, through wake and rest!

Keep up the hope, stay proud and strong,

Cheer into the night, cheer loud and long!

DQueen's Pharaohs, we know how,

To find victory, today and now!

Go go go, have fun and grin,

Yet, fight fight fight and try to win.

We can do it, we can try,

Yet if we don't we will not cry.

We are the Pharaohs, we have the power.

And fun and friendship will always be ours.

Here is another cheer is just made up:

Pharaohs are the best,

We fight the night away,

We don't need to stop and rest,

We have fun on the way.

I'll always cheer, I'll have good times,

Year after year, I'll make up rhymes.

And in the end I'll leap and say:


The spirit stick:

was passed to me as a sign of friendship. Feel free to take it for yourself too, show how much spirit you have, and post it on your page! Or pass the Spirit Stick to show how much you care. Cheer on the winners, and support the losers with the Spirit Stick. It's more than just a simple stick- it's a sign of friendship.

LOOK!! My little Site Fight eggs! I've named the purple one Samantha and the blue and white one Galaxy. I can't wait for them to hatch!! Click on them and adopt your own li'l egg.

The Site Fights Egg

The Site Fights Egg

My own little deputy star! He's my team symbol!! He proudly wears the DQueen Pharaoh uniform. I'm going to name him Tut. :P He's so cute. Shine bright, Tut! Get your own!

Yes! I've been approved for the Site Fights. When the time is ready, be sure to vote for me!! But don't forget the rest of my team, the wonderful DQueen's Pharaohs!! Go go go!

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