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Ask Katrina

Hi! I saw your post on Petz Talk and hope you could help me out. You see, whenever I try to give my catz treatz, they pounce on the treat or leap up and dangle from my cursor. It is extremely annoying and I can't seem to train them out of it. I guess I'm more of a Dogz person, because I like the way dogz will eat out of your hand. But, I got Catz (as a gift) before I got Dogz and I can't exactly dump a couple of Catz, just because they won't play nice! Do you know of a way to train this behavior out? I have tried dropping the= treatz, but they just pounce on it and glare. I have tried holding onto= the treatz until they drop off, but you know how hard it is to outstubborn= a cat!

Help, Please!

Will Rhodes Owner of Mephistopheles and The Gray Mouser Er, make that "Feeder" not "Owner"

Dear Feeder,

Ok, the problem here is that your Catz is spoiled. This tends to happen when you give your Catz a lot of 'free' treats when they were little kittenz, and now they want the exact same treatment. :) It's too late now, but try with a new kittenz, and you'll see the difference. Or maybe the Catz just want attention since you spend more time with your dogz (I'm guessing you do that from your letter). Try being a little nicer with old Fluffy, and maybe you'll be lucky.