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The Truth about Cats and Dogs

The Truth about Cats and Dogs is an EXCELLENT movie, I totally recommend it, especially for women. It's about a talented woman, Abby Barnes (Janeane Garofalo), who has her own radio show, The Truth about Cats and Dogs. People call in with pet problems, and she helps out. Well, one day, this guy named Brian (Ben Chaplin) calls in, needing help with a roller-skating dog... No need to explain that... And soon, Brian falls in love with Abby's voice. Abby's problem is her confidence- she is too shy and nervous to show up when Brian asks her for a date. She thinks she is too ugly, fat, short, etc (though she isn't ugly, I think- she has gorgeous eyes). So Brian comes to the station, and sees Abby's stupid but beautiful next-door neighbor, Noelle Suslarsky (Uma Thurman), who happens to be a model. Brian thinks she is Abby... And this whole mess begins. Watch it if you are in the mood for a light, humorous romance, with a few pet tips thrown in!!