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Petz Abuse

What really bugs me is the amount of cruel, twisted people out there, who buy Petz or real live pets, just to abuse them!! For example, I was at this Catz Death Page, or something like that, with animations of Catz dying horrible, bloody deaths. And this guy sent a message to a PF Magic posting board talking about how he wished that you could kill petz, and put them in fights, through blenders, stab them, etc. WHY? What's the point? To see a poor animal, even a computer virtual petz... Die? And in real life, the people who buy pets- not just cats and dogs, but mice, rabbits, fish, etc- and hit them, harm them, don't feed them, ignore them... It's too much. I am an extreme animal lover, and hate cruelty to animals. If any of you send me e-mail on this subject, I will happily post them, to show people's perspectives. Thanks!


I agree with you 100% abuse is wrong! Animal abuse is wrong I love my Petz a lot and would be horrified if I ever saw anyone abusing them! You go girl!


I hate to see animals, wild, domistic whatever, abused! There is an awful game, that is somewhat like catz and dogz, called creatures, and it is all about killing these smart, but not pretty, creatures, and keeping the pretty, but brainless ones alive! It's horrible! And I can't stop the company! Besides that, the company uses false advertising, and lies to customers! Jeez! What is the world coming to? I like your petz page, I may not own petz II, but I have a demo, and it is really cool. *Melanie Millar*