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  • So I've been slacking on this page... I admit it, but hell, classes just started...! Well, anyway, 38 IS OUT! RUN AND GET IT!!! 'Cause... we LEARN JUST WHAT PAR IS!!!!!! Interesting cover... different logo, looks hand-drawn. Anyway.

  • Ooh, and I've got lots of new fanfic to put up, so that'll be there sometime soon, I really really promise. Really.

  • Want a Poison Elves greeting card? Yep, you heard me. If you're interested, contact Jolanta at and ask her about them. We've got cards for all occasions... I think.

  • Go to! This page is, or is going to be, yourself a favor, check it out.

  • Word from the top: there's a possibility of some "Eat Crow And Die" shirts coming out. Keep checking here for more info. Also, I think I heard something about action figures(?); I'll have to check that out....

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