Mishah ~poem

by Jolanta C. Biniek

Ok, i know nothing about this character. but... here is a condensed prose take. just what i think might go through her head given the information in the latest issue. i'm looking forward to this.

A master of his craft.
Assassins, mercenaries, magicians,
all have died that challenged him.
With some he plays,
but most he kills because he can.
Once, he loved me.
I suppose i entertain him still,
in one form or another.

A concept that has
crossed my mind at times.
Even the greatest may get...
Perhaps a summoning circle -
smudged - broken.
Perhaps a careless finger,

And yet it's laughable...
what could i do?
Why should i do anything?
I loved him once,
perhaps i love him still,
perhaps i understand him.
I've had my opportunities,
and taken none.

Maybe i bide my time,
maybe i play my own games.
You used to read my face
and know.
But i no longer have
a human face.
Now you no longer know.

And some day,
you may be surprised.

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