Here are a couple other Elves pages. Enjoy, and be erudiated.... THE page. Go. 'Nuff said.

Poison Elves One-liners. A little humor for the Lusiphur in us all....

Brad's PE Homepage. Home of the almighty Concordance, a reference guide to ALL things Poison Elves. And I do mean all.

The official Sirius page, an indispensable source of alternate plot lines that Drew never ended up doing. Good way to get a quick heart attack. (Along the lines of, "What the fuck did I MISS??")

Join the Poison Elves Guild- a mailing list discussing, wow (spelled backwards is "wow"), Poison Elves. Join us...jooiiin ussss....

Starglo's fantasy page, including a page about PE, some really good writing, and other fun stuff, including a TON of cool PE pics.

Other Links
Side note: Some of these pages belong to Guilders, so check 'em out anyway....

The Nerve Centre, just what it sounds like- a frickin' mental hospital..hehe. Check it out....

Pyrena's Realm. Lots of great poetry and quotes, among other things, go take a look.

London Underground, a page devoted to the band London After Midnight, and a pretty damn good one at that.

Eve's Plum Underground, the sister page to London Underground- this one devoted to the band Eve's Plum. (See, it's not that hard to figure out....)

The Beauty of My Hell, poems, music links, and assorted other stuff for the not-too-mentally-stable.

Sadistic Gnomes. A joint webpage I have with a few friends. Not much up right now, but it'll be a little bit of everything, one of these days. I hope.

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