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One of Drew's neatest tricks is to have some seemingly minor character from an old issue suddenly pop up and become an important part of the story line. Morachi in Mulehide #10, for example. And then there's just those that hang around in the background... but you keep seeing them anyway. Sometimes it's hard to keep them (the characters) straight; here's my rundown. I'm still working on the minor characters, sorry. Also, for new fans, here's where you can find out just who the hell everyone is.

Now, onward we go....

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The tragic quasi-hero of our little saga. Full name, Luis Amerellis Malache, known to all as Lusiphur; former assassin for Sanctuary, currently with a death sentence on his head. By several people. (Actually, this is the circumstance pretty much at any given time....)


Full name: Jace San Lanargaith. The narrator of our tale, and one of Luse's maybe, two real friends. Former member of the Elvin Military Black Ops, used to serve under Ailwon San Fennlach, 17th Warduke in the House of Carishia, whom Luse so rudely dispatched back in the Mulehide days. Former, now-outlaw member of the Blood Guard, and "on the run" so to speak with Luse.


Par's a cool little skeleton-jester that lives inside Luse's head. He does the cerebral housekeeping, trying to keep Luse from going insane (full-time job....) and trying to amuse himself. He also happens to be an imp (explained in #38, finally) from Hell, who caught a ride out on Six-Tell Amlah and has been with our quasi-hero ever since....


Not exactly a "main" character anymore; think of this as a memorial. Cassy was, in no particular order, an Elf, a Sanctuary assassin, and Luse's girlfriend. She was killed in issue #25, when she cut her own throat to, as she thought, save Luse from the Blood Guard.


Morachi, also known as "The Black Sabbath" and "The King of Thieves", is an Elf, an albino, he's seven feet tall, and he's over one thousand years old. Always enjoys a good cigar. Appeared briefly in "Suicide Kings", Mulehide 10, breaking into the Jones' home. He and his brother Talon were the double heads of Sanctuary. He is also a secret member of the Elvin High Council, which the late not-so-lamented Ailwon used to belong to. And right now, he wants Luse dead... even more than before.


Morachi's younger brother. Known as the "Assassin's Assassin", or "Lord of the Jackals". Also albino. Not as tall as Morachi; not quite as old, but still getting up there in years. It seems that Morachi heads the thieves and Talon heads up the assassins. Talon was "creeped" by Lusiphur from the beginning ("He's a psychopath. I don't work with psychopaths."), and apparently with good reason: according to Jace, if it wasn't for Lusiphur, the Blood Guard never would have found Sanctuary. Shot by Luse with several hundred bullets... or so it seemed... in issue #34, and he ain't comin' back either. RIP... or not.... He'll definitely be missed.


Full name, Francis Vido. The head of the Blood Guard, a shall we say "team?" "committee?" dedicated to tracking down the whereabouts of Sanctuary. Vido's search for Sanctuary seems almost obsessive; why, we still do not know...but it's coming soon. Vido is also a heroin addict. He's smarter than most of his colleagues, and as annoying and extremely unlikable as the worst of 'em, and disgustingly cocky. Famous last words about Sanctuary and Cassy's death: "I mean, come on. It's not like they would dare come after all of us!" Shot by Jace in issue #32; still don't know if he's alive....


Known as Lady Hyena, or Mistress Hyena, or just plain Hyena. Part of her appeal is the fact that she makes Luse absolutely nuts....Lusiphur's ex-wife, she's a sorceress, looking much in the way of Siouxie Sioux. Lives in a castle with some very interesting pieces of artwork lying around. She actually looks out for Luse, but in her own way, which in the process drives him crazy. She's also having a fling with Tenth, which is looking a bit rocky at the moment.


Tenth is yet another mystery, at the moment. He came into the picture back in Mulehide #14. When Luse wished to be the fastest Elf to ever live, the d'jinni took the power from the closest source, which happened to be Tenth. Who wasn't too happy about it. After watching Luse for a while, he challenged him to a fair game, and Luse, to summarize, kicked his ass. He also, in effect, caused Cassy's death, motives unclear for now.

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