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Real Guns

In the game Bond's main gun is the PP7. It is really called a Walther PPK 7.65 mm. Bond used this gun in all his movies except Tomorrow Never Dies where he used a Walther P99. M issued the Walther PPK to Bond in Dr No. Before that he used a Beretta. M thought it was to weak and handed Bond the Walther. The 7.65 mm that Bond used is not available on the market. You can only buy a 9 mm. That's what I thought until now. Apparently, the 7.65 mm is available to the public but under a different name. It is exactly like a 7.65 mm. It's called the Walther PPK .380 caliber. I also heard that the .380 caliber has small differences from the 7.65mm. The difference between the 9mm and the 7mm is basically their size (the 7.65mm being smaller) and that the 9mm has more recoil due to it's larger shells.


The DD44 Destovei is a strong loud gun great for one on one.  But it's name sounds like a bra size.  This standard issue military pistol is really called a TT33 Tokarev. Another source says it's the Ruger P89.


The Klobb is one of the worst guns in the game (if not the worst) and is supposedly called the Spyder.  I found a large resemblance between it and the Vz61 Scorpion.  Take a look.


The KF7 Soviet can be found in the early levels of the game. It's real name is the AK-47 Assault Rifle.


I love using the ZMG 9mm. I find it's power, when doubled, is unmatchable in the game. But the name it's given is ridiculous. It's an UZI 9mm. Another source says it's an M10.


The D5K is probably my least favourite automatic weapon in the game (well, actually the klobb is).  But some people like the gun.  This anti-terrorist gun is really called the MP5K and  if you ask me, that dial seems interesting. It's for changing between single and rapid fire.


The Phantom is a terrorist favorite.  It's real name is the Spectre. Another source says it's the Beretta MP9.

I like the AR33 for it's range and stopping power but the name is wrong. I've heard of the AR15 but never of an AR33. The AR33 is not an AR15 because the AR15 is not rifled. It's really an M16 Auto Rifle.


One of the game's most powerful guns is the RC P90. It is really called a P90 and it only has a 50-round magazine. Rare added the RC to signify a bigger magazine.


I always thought the Cougar Magnum was a real gun but according to someone who e-mailed me, it's a Colt 357 Python. I don't know but here's a picture of the Colt 357 Python. But, just recently, from a different source I heard that the Cougar Magnum is not the Colt 357 Python. He says it is either a Ruger Blackhawk .44 Magnum or a Ruger Redhawk .44 Magnum. I picture of the Redhawk is shown below. Another source says it's the Colt .44 Magnum. And now someone else says it's a Ruger Magnum. This mystery is really building up. I'll try to get a hold of Rare for this one. If you have any info on the magnum that can bring this mystery to a close, please e-mail me here.



The Golden Gun can be found in the Egyptian Temple or by using the Golden Gun or All Guns cheats. It's not a real gun but for you Bond fans like myself you'll remember it from The Man with the Golden Gun. The guy's name was Francisco Scaramanga. A replica of the gun and the little golden bullet engraved with 007 are available from SD Studios for $625.


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