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This is a site with a cycle of three poems by Michael Benedikt about World War II &
its impact on "civilians." Cycle is called 'The Takings.'   It's from a work-in-progress called TRANSITIONS.

Here so far, part I of this cycle: "The Kapos"

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[Nazi Germany, 1938]

Kapo: A Jewish prisoner in one of the many infamous Nazi
concentration camps who was, for one reason or another,
given "special privileges"--including at first (before the
nature of those camps became clear to outsiders), the
recruiting of new prisoners (or "guests" as they were called),
on a temporary, so-called "trial basis."
--Dictionary of World War II

And so the Kapos came to our little town, let out around dinnertime
With some soldiers, from that crazy Nazi camp; & they rounded us up,
        promising that we two could be Kapos, too,
In those first "Gray Announcements" which they'd printed to hand out
--If we rendered ourselves up to join them, for even just a
       "trial visit," & "At Once, Early, and Without a Fight"

--For otherwise, just as sure as we were born, they said,
       late some night, maybe even close to midnight,
The muffled roar of convoy trucks would come
When we weren't dressed, & it was inconvenient

--& My husband, Arnoldt, then took me aside, & told me in a whisper,
        that yes, surrendering for a "trial visit" was a damn sight
Better, than being awoken late one night, looking into a muzzle
        or a gunsight; or worse yet, maybe being hunted down
        when we had both just bedded down
--Hiding terrified, in our basement behind the wine-rack, in that old broken bathtub
Which for so many months now I'd thanked Jahweh yes Jahweh Himself,
        that no one else had yet found!

No, not even our next-door neighbor's children who--when we two
        weren't around; & they came back from their monastery school,
        or their butterfly hunt that fled through the fields,
        so close to that camp, every afternoon, every single afternoon--
Used to make a "game" of opening our cellar-door, & then searching
        thereabouts with their flashlights, at twilights
With their puppy dog, "Fritze"; & sometimes, too, with our other
        dear neighbors' dogs & children...


...And so, suddenly, there was a commotion of motorcycles stopping,
        & Arnoldt & I laughing, with that poor old broken bathtub
        far, ever so far, far behind us
& We two (in two Kapo sidecars) carrying two light packages

Containing two toothbrushes, two combs, & two brand new sets of pajamas,
        one hairbrush & also one fine nightgown
Plus one bottle of good Moselle we'd gaily taken, all for our overnight stay
"Experimentally," as we planned it (for truly it just had to be experimentally),
For just as Arnoldt said, to get us to come to Camp that way, & to
        give up & go there so easily
Had been given to us so generously...
It was clear that they just had to agree!

--And besides that, there were two gift packets of cigarettes which,
        as those two Kapo drivers themselves pointed out,

--& Yet it's also true that just as soon as Arnoldt had marched upstairs
        to get that me that very first night, with that very first copy
He said they'd said, of the "Gray Announcements" to be given out
(With Arnoldt holding it in his teeth, & with Arnoldt also holding up
        both arms as if in surrender before me, as if for a joke & with
        a loud laugh
Then pointing with one hand through a window downstairs to two
        other figures crouching beside two racing bicycles--

Two more Nazi solders who had suddenly appeared & who were taking a newspaper
        "Propaganda Photograph")

--Oh yes it's also true that even that very first bright sudden
        flashbulb hurt my eyes
Like a burning gas explosion; why oh yes why for the sake of Jahweh,
        why did those Kapos have to do all that then, for it wasn't yet quite midnight

--Yes it was just after dinnertime I remember & yet our light
        was already out.

'The Kapos' was first published in Israel in Tel-Aviv Review © Michael Benedikt l987. In the US,  'The Kapos' was published in Partisan Review © Michael Benedikt l997. This Webversion © Michael Benedikt l999.
 'The Kapos' is from a manuscript-in-progress entitled TRANSITIONS



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Brief Benedikt Biography

Michael Benedikt's work is represented at many sites on   World Wide Web .  His earlier publications include five collections of poems, represented in numerous anthologies of US poetry. His most recent volume in print media is The Badminton at Great Barrington; Or, Gustave Mahler & The Chattanooga Choo-Choo--a poem-sequence about the joys and sorrows of love  (University of Pittsburgh Press, l980). His collections with Wesleyan U. Press are Night Cries (prose poems, l976); Mole Notes (prose poems, 1971); Sky (l970); and The Body (l968). Books he has edited include a 600-page anthology of global prose poetry, with critical Introduction & Commentary: The Prose Poem: An International Anthology (Dell/Laurel, l976); and the 400-page The Poetry of Surrealism (Little, Brown & Co., l974), which also includes many prose poems. A former Poetry Editor of  The Paris Review, his editorial selections are represented in The Paris Review Anthology (Norton, l990). His literary criticism has appeared in Poetry and The American Book Review. He has taught as Visiting Prof. of  English & Creative Writing at Bennington, Sarah Lawrence, Hampshire, and Vassar College/s; and at Boston University. Benedikt lives in Manhattan, New York City.

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