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Lots of things in this world are, as we know, strictly standardized
--But one thing which tends to be relatively personal with each individual & even highly original
        & in general quite home-made
Is his or her own sense of Sexual Style. So Sexual Style is therefore something truly "Special"
        --& surely only an idiot, a fool , or else a lousy lover

Would disagree about that! And that, I think, is what we find so moving, & touching,
        not to mention simply downright interesting
About the realm of Sexual Style--that in IT, unlike most other
        areas of our lives, each thing that an individual does
        is apt  to be exactly what he or she likes most to truly do
--Virtually No Holds Barred! As for the robots among us Humans,
        or the dull & unimaginative
If they didn't have some sexual "How-To" book, or the erotic equivalent
        of the M.L.A. or Chicago "Manual of Style" at their bedsides
        (they'd never think of chairside or tableside!), they'd probably
        just blank out & forget
What To Do... Of course, amid the usual, ever-present "Ongoing Pressures
        Of Everyday Life," when it comes to being ingenious & inventive

Nobody can always think of everything! But this area of Sexual Style--
        since it involves things that most people most truly like to do
        ('cause they give folx pleasure)--is one area of Human Enterprise & Expertise
Into which--as I 'm sure that most of us would agree--
Certainly everybody ought to put lots more Time & Effort!

--So let's all try making Love atop our rooftops for example,
        since making Love can always get us Oh So High! Why Not?
And let's all start to wear our underwear as outerwear, since we
        all seem to get such a genuine kick out of being Intimate! Why not?
And how about regarding our secret & sensuous night-time
        rendezvous -meetings with somebody we happen to
        think is cute (assuming we're lucky enough to know
        someone who's both cute & fun enough to have such meetings with),
As being really important, & worth fighting for & protecting the security & privacy of
        every inch of the way,
Against various external incursions & interruptions from the world at large
        which might otherwise threaten to disconcert us, distract us, &/or otherwise "Break The Mood"...

For--since Sexual Style & Loving It Up Imaginatively are so
        important to us & get us so excited & feeling so very very
        tingly & all so higgly-piggly--
Philosophically speaking (besides being fun & all that!)

Aren't they chief among the factors
Which give us a very real reason to LIVE !

'Of Sexual Style,' a poem in praise of private values & things in life which we really enjoy & which add meaning to life--
such as the pleasures of privacy including erotic bliss-- was first published in Poetry East in l989, © 1989 Michael Benedikt.
Subtexts: Love & Desire; Sensuality, Sexuality, Sense of Privacy & Right to Privacy.
Webversion © 2002 & © 2004 Michael Benedikt


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