Did you ever do mad libs as a kid? You know, the word game where you fill in the words to create a funny story? It's very simple to do. Just click on a story link below (I am not telling you the titles of the stories -- we must keep some suspense), fill in the words you are asked for on that page, and click the "Create Story" button! A page will pop up with your unique story on it! If it's really funny feel free to copy it and e-mail it to me (my address is at the bottom of each page). Maybe I'll make a page for the funny results!


Mad Lib #1 (Boy Bands)

Mad Lib #2 (80s Metal Song #1)

Mad Lib #3 (80s Metal Song #2)

Don't remember what adjectives and nouns are? Here's a quick tutorial!

NOUN = any person, place, or thing (ex. Santa Claus, Walmart, suitcase) Usually "things" end up sounding better in the story than people or places. But feel free to answer in your own way!

ADJECTIVE = a word that describes a noun (ex. "jolly," "cost-effective," or "ruggedly handsome").

VERB = an "action" word (ex. "chase," "discombobulate," or "interrogate") When I ask for something like "Verb=ing" it means just that - a word plus the "ing" ending. Such as, "chasing."

ADVERB = a word that describes how a verb is done and usually end in "ly" (ex. "quickly," "with a smile").

Everything else should be self-explanatory! Have fun, and remember - e-mail me any funny stories you create!

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