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Star Wars A New Hope
With Binoculars
Cute Hat, Luke!
Luke By X-Wing
Luke Training On Falcon
"I got him!"
In Garbage Compactor
Luke With Biggs
Behind The Scenes
Medals Ceremony
The Holiday Special
Finale With Whole Gang
The Empire Strikes Back
On Taun Taun
With Dak
With Yoda
On Dagobah
Luke On Bespin
With Vader On Bespin
Return Of The Jedi
On Speederbike
Hanging In Rancor Pit
Luke As A Jedi
Luke & Leia On Endor
Attempting To Shoot Jabba
Luke & Leia On Jabba's Barge
Luke & Vader On Endor
Escape From Death Star
*Star Wars and Luke Skywalker are copyrighted by Lucasfilm,LTD., just in case you didn't know! :-) *