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Welcome to my bootleg trading page. Please feel free to browse through my small (but growing) bootlegs I have, and my I note: I don't have CD-R capabilities, I'm sorry, but what can I say: I'm poor. E-mail *me*, I'm usually always up for a trade, and I'm always open for you newbees out there. Blank & Postages, and 2:1's are welcome!

*Important* I have a couple issues of the Buffalo magazine Artvoice up for grabs if anyone wants them. Ani DiFranco graces the cover and there is an interview with her inside it.

Also, I'm really looking for some good Throwing Muses and Kristen Hersh boots, so if you have any...Can we set up a trade?

My Trading Rules

Check out a list of Good Traders.

Check out some of the Miscellanious Boots I have.

Feel free to link me! Add my link to your page!

Can I get a witness? Yay! My first award! :)

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