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1850 U. S. Census

Anderson County, Texas

Page Eight of Eight

This is the 1850 Anderson County Census however there is a break in these pages,at the end of this page there is Houston Co. wrote on the side of the page. I'm not sure if that means it changes to Houston Co. or if someone made a mistake on writing on the page itself. I have marked the page so you know where it starts. The household numbers jump from 364 to 712 but I do not know what it means. I have copied these records as they appear on the microfilm, but have placed question marks by entries that I could not read or were not clear. You can use the search feature on this page. To contact me: E-Mail Lesley . Thanks for visiting and please come again.

These pages maintained by Lesley Prey and last updated Aug. 2005

361-361 George PARKS 53 male farmer 960 North Carolina
  Sarah 50 female     Tennessee
  Robert 20 male     Tennessee
  Benjamin 18 male     Illinois
  George W. 13 male     Illinois
  Joseph 9 male     Illinois
  Thomas J. 7 male     Illinois
  Sarah 11 female     Illinois
  ?can't read 39 female     Tennessee
  William 8 male     Illinois
  James 5 male     Illinois
  Nancy 4 female     Illinois
362-362 Sharlotte ORENBOUM 53 female     Virginia
  George C. 25 male mechanic   Virginia
  Jane H. 23 female     Virginia
  Thomas N. 22 mae     Virginia
  Esabella 20 female     Virginia
  Susan 15 female     Virginia
363-363 John BATEMUN 48 male farmer   Tennessee
  Leah 44 female     North Carolina
  John P. 18 male     Illinois
  Aaron 24 male     Illinois
  Mary 9 female     Missouri
  Emsey 8 female     Missouri
364-364 Joseph KENNEDAY 34 male farmer 1180 Kentucky
  John 22 male     Illinois
  Daniel 16 male     Illinois
  Joseph 13 male     Illinois
  Elizabeth 11 female     Illinois
  Thomas 8 male     Houston Co.

Here it says end of Anderson co. census and a page with totals and a signature signed July 22, 1851. Then on the very next page is the following census records. On the side of the page it say Houston Co. but at the top it says Anderson Co. Notice the jump in family and house #'s.

712-712 Phebe HASSELL 60 female   700 Georgia
  Jesulon 21 male     Illinois
  Sarah A. 21 female     unknown
  Nathaniel 17 male     Illinois
  Emily PREWITT 3 female     Houston Co.
713-713 James DOUTHIT 38 male   2000 Tennessee
  Mary 32 female     Tennessee
  Celey J. 12 female     Nacogdoches Co
  James C. 9 male     Houston Co.
  Eveline 6 female     Houston Co.
  John R. 4 male     AndersonCo.
  Sarah 1 female     AndersonCo.
714-714 John STARR 52 male farmer 1679 North Carolina
  Susannah 42 female     Tennessee
  Daniel P. 18 male     Illinois
  Perry 13 male     Illinois
  Sarah E. 10 female     Illinois
  Elrey 8 female     Illinois
  James 5 male     Illinois
715-715 Randolph H. DAVIS 36 male farmer 1200 Kentucky
  Elizabeth 30 female     Illinois
  Emily 13 female     Illinois
  Daniel 9 male     Illinois
  Isabell 7 female     Illinois
  Linbrock 5 male     Illinois
  Elizabeth E. 3 female     Illinois
  Randolph H. 5/12 male     Houston Co.
716-716 Thomas HAMMONS 31 male farmer 640 Kentucky
  Cynthia 34 female     Virginia
  Amarilla 11 female     Illinois
  Mary M. 8 female     Illinois
717-717 Andrew P. FOWLER 34 male farmer 1000 Kentucky
  Martha S. 24 female     Virginia
  Clara 8 female     Lamar Co.
  Nathaniel 6 male     Houston Co.
  Littleton 4 male     N. Angelina Co.
  Henry 1 male     AndersonCo.
718-718 James M. WEEB 34 male farmer 1850 Indiana
  Emeline 23 female     Alabama
  William F. 1 male     Houston Co.
719-719 Benjamin PARKER 31 male farmer 3000 Illinois
  Jena(?) 21 female     Illinois
  Patsy 3 female     Anderxon Co.
  Daniel 1 male     Anderson Co.
  John 12 male     Houston Co.
  Ira 10 male     Shelby Co.
  Benajmin F. 8 male     Houston Co.
  Parthena DOWTHET 9 female     Arkansas
720-720 Harmon MAIN 23 male farmer 320 Illinois
  Amanda 20 female     Kentucky
  Texana 2 female     Anderson Co.
  Mary E. 11/12 female     Anderson Co.
721-721 John G. PARLMER 20 male farmer 640 Missouri
  Sarah A. 18 female     Illinois
  Elizabeth E. 10/12 female     Anderson Co.
  James CONNIWAY 61 male     South Carolina
  Mary CONNIWAY 48 female     Tennessee
  Greenberry CONNIWAY 22 male     Tennessee
  James CONNIWAY 20 male     Mississippi
  LewAllen " " 18 male     Mississippi
  Franklin " " 15 male     Mississippi
  Martha '" " 13 female     Mississippi
  Mary " " 12 female     Mississippi
  Amanda M. " " 10 female     Mississippi
  Susan " " 7 female     Mississippi
  James HANNAH 32 male     Tennessee
722-722 Jacob CRIST 25 male farmer 300 Indiana
  Sarah A. B. 19 female     Alabama
  Caldonia 1 female     Anderson Co.
  John BELLVIN 14 male     Alabama
  Margarett BELLVIN 7 female     Alabama
723-723 Joshua W. HOLLINGWORTH 36 male farmer 275 Georgia
  Elizabeth M. 24 female     Alabama
  Henry 8 male     Alabama
  Lethia A. 6 female     Mississippi
  Geroge M. 1 male     Anderson Co.
  Julia A. TALLEY 27 female     Alabama
  Ruben MCKINZA 22 mlae     South Carolina

Well this is the end of the 1850 Anderson Co. Census. I hope you found what you came for.

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