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Kemper County Mississippi

Church,Cemetery and Miscellaneous Records

Welcome to Lesley's Kemper County Records Page. These are some records I have compiled during my research. If you have any comments or additions feel free to write. I hope you enjoy the page and remember to visit often to see new updates and changes being made. Thanks for stopping by.

This page is maintained by Lesley R. Prey and last update Nov. 2006


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Quotes from the Sermon of March of 1852 for Antioch church (Baptist)

Brother Ervin Adams was recieved in a motion by Brother Lang and seconded by Brother Vaughn.

Brother William Brown, Brother Vaughn and Brother Stone. Brother Padget, Brother Telton, are all commitee members. Signed by: Issac White, Wm. B. Cobb, and John T. Bates

Quotes and names from the Sermon of November 1856 for the Antioch Church(Baptist)

Brother James Vaughn granted these following to the committee ,Brother Wm.G.Lang, Henry Brown,John T. Bates,Travis Stone. Two females mentioned in the Sermon or minutes are Sarah Howard and Mrs. Baley.

Sermon for January 1857 Quotes and names mentioned

Brother I. White, Brother H. Williams, Brother H. Brown, signed by: Issac White and John Bates.

Kemper County Antioch Church Records for 1869 Members(Baptist)

Males: T.(Travis) Stone; W.B. Cobb Jr.; J.T. Kenmoss or Kevmoss; Benjamin Pool; Simeon Lang; J.G. Telton; J.T. Cobb; T. Telton; Joseph Telton; J.M. Nester; J.D. Wall; A.C. Hammack; W.J. Hammack(died); H.A.(Henry Asbury) Stone; J.W. Conner; G.C. Gregory; John Hardin; W.A.(William Andrew) Lang; Sam McNair; William Sellers; John D. Brummelle or Brummell; Ben Adams; Hugh(?) McNair; W.M.Lassiter; R.E. Brummell; E. Sellers; R. Chandler; Wiley Lang; George Lang; James Goodson; Joseph (?)Boufin; James Adams; William H. Conner; Joseph A. (can't read); two more mens names unreadable;

Females: Caroline Brittain; Permelia Stone; Elizabeth Brown; Martha Gregory; Mary Johnson; Mary J. Adcock; Mary Stogner; Ann Conner; Julia Goins(?); Martha A. Hammack; Mary Cobb; Rebecca Cobb; Mary Pool; Sarah Lassiter; Sarah Lassiter; Mary Webb; Margaret Nester; Mary Telton; Mary Lang; Margaret Lang; Permelia Lang; Melissa Boin; Sarah Pool; Martha West; Sarah Sellers; Rhoda Hammack; Catharine Wimberely; Mary Stewart; Martha Mitchell; Selina Warren; Deida Brittain; Susan Lang; Henrietta McNair; Laura McNair; Sarah Overstreet

The following names where taken from " the Pioneer Days of Kemper County. Church and School Records.

The West Kemper Baptist Church Edwin Pace (pastor from 1855 to 1884), other pastors were R. Duncan, T.L. Moore, John E. White, J.D. Fulton.

1850 Elder Michael Ross, Brother Thomas H. Morton, Brother Montague, Brother Prisley Floyd, and Brother William Bounds. Elder Lewis R. Barnes, F.B. Swearingen, Frances Hardy, Sarah Hardy, Mary Hardy, Margaret Haggard, Lydia W. Brown, Meinda Todd, and Susan Ambercrombie

Pawticfaw Baptist Church-established 1840

Delegates in 1846: J. White, G.W. Pollock, R.G. Rasberry as pastors. J. Tubb and Thomas Davis were delegates in 1847 and R.G. Rasberry was pastor. Michael Ross was pastor in 1848 to 1856. Other pastors were Edwin Pace, J.E. White, George Gay, T.J. Hand, H.D. White, I.F. Gunn, and C.E. Brame some of the convention delegates were P.Floyd, F. Andrews, F.H. Morton, A.J. Nicholson, L.J. Garrett, J. Davis, John B. Holton, Amos Koonce, Dorsett White, Henry Brown, O.G. Eiland, Alexander M. Nichols, Kindred Watkins, R.M.Watkins, James Swearingen, Norman Morrison, T.P. Montague, J.A. White and E.O. McCoy.

Unity Baptist Church

was established prior to 1841, listed in DeKalb and disappeared between 1868-1869 Some delegates were: B.Land, H.P. Spear, H. chissman, T.Thurnall, H.White, J.L.Spear, G. Terry, J.P.L. Montague, H.P. Haynes, H. Anderson, Issac Perkins,J.E. White, F.G. Smith, Thomas A. Sheilds, F.P. Hagen, and E. Newell. Some of the ministers were: William T. Clark, N.L. Clark, Obidiah Perkins, T.J. Hand, William B. Cobb, J.E. white, E. Newell, and S.L. Robbins.

According to the first record book, covering the years 1847-1880, the bretheren living near Antioch, Kemper County

Mississippi called a meeting in December 1847. the meeting was organized by Elder P. Hughes, moderator; Borther William Hyde. Listed are James Barnes and Lewis R. Barnes also. This was the first Antioch Church, Member of the Choctaw Baptist Association. There were 17 charter members and there families: Lang, Oliver, Hyde, Wilkerson, Poole, Stone, Adams, and Scott. Rev. Issac White was the first pastor and William Hyde the first church clerk. Twenty Eight Years later in 1875 the membership moved to Scooba on land deeded to the church by: Mr. H.H. (Hayes) Blair. E. Williams and A.C. Hammack signed the deed.

Some of the teachers who taught at Antioch School were:

Misses Anna Hardin, Macy Moore, Tillie Tann (Clark), Earl Davis(Briggs) and Emma Davis (LeGette).

This is a pratial list of families affiliated with the Antioch Baptist Church:

Hammack, Williams, Thomas, West, Poole, Halford, Vaughn, Stuart, Moore, Mars, Lang, Murray, Permenter, Myers, Morse, Hardin, Person, Chancey, Wood, Huckleby, Littrells, Kilpatrick, Joiner, McCreight, Burk, Atkinson, Baty, Dabbs, Edmonds, Gore, Sims, Little, Brown, Coker, Grantham, Cobb, Beasley, Hailey, Felton, and Nestor. In some instances, there were several related branches of the same family name, and in others, the same surname but not related.

This is a listing of some of the pastors at Antioch church:

Rev. George Gay, Rev. Ben S. Gay, J.H. Newton, C.E. Bass, G.C. Hodge, J.L. Williams, ???Dunn, H.T. Mclaurin, A.G. Hollis, L.E. Goodgame, W.L. Bounds, E. Newell, A. Oliver, William B. Cobb, E. Pace, John E. White, J.M. Cook, J.M. Nicholson, T.L. Moore, B. S. Adams and W. E. Hardy.

Pleasant Grove Baptist Church was established in 1849

this church was located a few miles northeast of DeKalb. Some of the early delegates to the Choctaw Conference were : H.P. Speir, J. Rogers, W. Branning, James Branning, Ellis Henderson, Hazel Stewart, John R. Stewart, Hoseal Stewart, S.L. Robbins, Richland Terry, G. Terry, Charles Stokes, R. F. Stewart, D.T. Peden, and R.P. Birch: Some of the early pastors were: L.R. Barnes, Obidiah Perkins, Edward Pace, E. Newell and an Associate Missionary Pastor.

These are cemeteries in the Kemper County Area:

Old Antioch ( Lang Family Cemetery)

Located Rt 16 S11 Kemper Co. about 1/2 mile behind Stonewall Church on land owned by: Ethel Burkes Thomas.

Wiley Lang Co. B, 35th Mississippi Infantry Confederate States of America

Charlie son of W.B. and S. L. Lang Aug. 1882 May 13, 1892

Sarah M. Daughter of W.B. and S.L. Lang July 19, 1880 Aug. 30, 1880

Son of W.B. and S.L. Lang Aug. 12, 1873 April 16, 1874

John Son of W.B. and S.L. Lang May 1876 July 07, 1892

Nester Family Cemetery

Located T11 Rt. 16 Kemper Co. about 1/2 mile behind the Stonewall church on land owned by: Joe Hunter.

Surnames listed here; Adams- Burkes- Davis- Lang- Thomas- West Marion Lee Adams May 24, 1885 Sept. 08, 1957

Julia A. Lang Adams Oct. 07, 1885 March 02, 1974

Naomi Adams Burkes Oct. 11, 1908 Aug. 09, 1976

Franklin Ernest Burkes Feb. 11, 1911 Dec. 27, 1981

Thomas E. Davis Co. B., 35th Mississippi Infantry

Sallie E. Lang daughter of J.W. and Jennie Lang Nov. 25, 1890 Jan. 07, 1891

John W. Lang June 21, 1855 April 29, 1941

Jennie West Wife of J.W. Lang Oct.11, 1858 Feb. 03, 1934

Mary E. Thomas May 01, 1854 Feb. 17, 1920

Martha West Jan. 13, 1852 Oct. 06, 1925

There are approximately 50 graves marked only by rocks.

I will add more as I get it, let me know if you find anything you can use. I have a few more details about the church.

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