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This page is all about the great Wednesday (or Tuesday!) night phenomenon Dawson's Creek

Now entering its third season, Dawson's Creek has added new characters, new problems and new super plots to its already outstanding list of episodes! Keep watching and see what Pacey, Dawson, Jen, Joey,Andie and Jack (and don't forget those ever interesting adult characters)will face each week!

Obviously, this page is still under construction! Please come back soon, and see what I have added. Any suggestions would be much appreciated and I will continue to work on this page! I'm sorry I haven't updated this page in a while, school,summer and life in general takes up tons of time!! I haven't had a chance, but hopefully, I'll be able to add new pictures and third season info as soon as I can! Thanks for visiting! Love ya, Kate

Email Me! I've got some great new pictures and stuff, which I will be adding ASAP! See the new pictures in the season two link-----> a REALLY CUTE one of joey and pacey is there!!
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Watch Dawson's Creek! 8pm ET Wednesdays on the WB For others, I've been told it's still on Tuesdays in some places, just check your local listings

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