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Last Updated: 12/26/00
Welcome to tne new and hopefully somewhat improved 'Erana's Place'. First, a few warnings. On the Buffy page, my finest web page designing so far (and before y'all roll your eyes and comment on all the better sites you've seen by others, keep in mind that I have not, nor shall I ever use any kind of HTML program. I do it all by hand without the benefits of any HTML generator.) there is a small problem. What's the problem? Well, I've figured out how to CREATE the invisible frames necessary for the design. I just can't figure out how to get people OUT of them. So for your own sanity you might want to rely more heavily on the back button of your browsers, and less heavily on my own back links. At least until I figure out how to fix that. Also there's some new stuff scattered around the page, so enjoy looking around, reading, and please send a girl some feedback, huh? :)

Buffy Stories

All the stories I've written for the Buffy: the Vampire Slayer universe, obviously. Also includes discontinued stories like The Real World and Revenge.

Other Stories

This section includes Angel, Dawson's Creek, World Wrestling Federation, Forever Knight, and Profiler. Will almost certainly include others, as well.

Incomplete Stories

Here is where you'll find stories such as Enraptured, Close My Eyes Forever, and Shadows of the Heart.

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Kat's Graphics.

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