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An Interview With Chad

D: What does music mean to you?
C: What music means to me, well um, I've been doing it so long now that singing is as natural to me as talking sometimes even more so it's what I base my whole life on is rythmn and music and that kind of stuff.
D: Where would your life be without music
C: I don't know cuz I've never not had music in my life so I don't know granted a lot of friends of mine are totally not... I have friends who don't even listen to music and I can't really even understand that whole concept. My best friends paernts have never even owned a stero so I can't imagine that, but I mean you know, if you've never had anything but it it's kinda hard to imagine not having it
D: Why did you first go into music?
C: Uh, I don't know, my brothers were both highly involved in it, and I think I kinda started, in the begining I was interested in it because they were, and they my bigger brothers and this is when I was really, really young they were y older brother so I just wanna kinda do what they did and then it kinda became a natural progression, i guess.
D: What was music like for you in school?
C: I don't know I was never really good at music in school I took music back in university and failed it. To me it was never really a teching thing it was more just kind of a natural instinct more than anything else.
D: Did you ever picture yourself ina band and in Rent?
C: Well I got involved with bands at such an early age it wasn't a matter of picturing myself in one it was just kind of what I did. I never knew anything about Rent before I audtioned for it so, when I auditioned for Rent it was already a huge thing in the States but I never even heard of it so in terms of picturing myself in Rent, no not at all but once I started auditioniing and doing the numbers and realizing that I could do it, yeah, then I kinda went well I can do this this is cool.
D: Have you ever had any vocal training?
C: I did opera for a year but I failed it so it was back in music school.
D: What musical instuments do you play?
C: I play piano, and I play guitar and I play a bit of drums mostly guitar though, I do all my writting on guitar.
D: Where do you see yourself in 5 years from now?
C: In five years, I don't know, hopefully the next level of what I'm doing now I'd like to continue more acting probally not in theatre because it's too much of a commitment, a year long which is what most contracts are in theatre is a long time you now and I want to do so much with music that I don't have time that I don't have time to do it now so I think I much prefer going back to being a full time musician and a part tiem actor as opposed to being a full time actor and a part time musician which is what I have to live with now I'd much rather the other way around.