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Chad's Bio Information

Name: Chad Richardson
Age: 31
Birthdate: March 17 1970 (St. Patricks Day!)
Place: Conception Bay Newfoundland
Home: Toronto

Chad first got envolved with music because it's what his older brothers did, but this was when Chad was younger. After that it became a natural progression. Chad 's first band was called Fish which he formed in higschool with four of his friends. But the band that made him discover singing was called the Parksharks. In university Chad won many cash prizes, singing Karaoke, in Montreal bars. He went to Concordia University. One of Chad's many talents besides acting and singing is, that Chad is a great chef. He stuided in Paris for a few years, and could of gone on to be a chef. He moved to Toronto in 1993 and won the Q107 Homegrown constest which had a large cash prize. He then released his first album 'Two People' in 1994. In 1997 he released his second album 'The Legends of Brud' In 1997 Chad auditioned for Rent. He was one of the first leads to be casted from the open call auditon. He got the part of Mark Cohen. Chad was recently nominated for a Dora award for Best lead male in a musical.

Interesting Chad fact: Chad's old program bio from the Canadian cast
Chad, a screech-slinging Newfoundlander, has been on the Canadian music scene for the last five years. His latest release is called The Legends of Brud (Aquarius/EMI). This is the first time Chad has used his musical talents in this way and he is thrilled to the gills to be a part of Rent. He would like to thank and honor his terribly supportive family, friends, and Sin. Chad would like to also dedicate every performance to the Larsons, Victoria and Jonathan. He's making sure every show rocks!
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