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Midnight As I Travel Home

At MIDNIGHT I will be all right.
Carry my sweet soul as I sleep,
For my work here on this red earth is complete.

As I sleep, I see and hear my past.
I see the many faces that I have met,
Souls that I have touched,
And places that I have set my feet upon.

This old earth holds dear my memories
For family and friends to hold forever.
As I close my eyes, DO NOT close yours!
For you see, I am all right.
DO NOT cry, I am fine at last.
I have found eternal peace.
This is truly a homecomming that I will cherish.

To my loving wife, Mamie,
Children: Cynthia, Suzanne, and Darryl,
And three granddaughters: Chammee', Chantel, and Ambyr,
Along with family and friends: DO NOT Mourn my passing. Heaven is filled with people that I have longed to see.
My Grandmother Sarah, Mother Hester, and Daughter Flora,
Are waiting at the Golden Gates to greet me.
You see, it takes until MIDNIGHT
For a peaceful and serene earth.
As the stars come out, the angels play
And the mighty winds blow-
This is MY call to come home!

It is at MIDNIGHT I shall be lifted to the heavens
Where my soul and I shall sleep in peace.
I can not tell you I love you again,
Just know that I am now at peace and I am ALL RIGHT!

*****I miss and love you pop!*****

Your Granddaughter, Chammee' Sarah Anderson