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The Lovely Lizana Line


Generation No. 1

1. Daniel (Sr.)Lizana was born June 1857. He met (1) Clementine Dedeaux. He Married (2) Victorine Dedeaux July 16, 1879 in Harrison County, MS, daughter of Nicola Dedeaux and Julia Jones.

Notes for Daniel (Sr.)Lizana:
There is some speculation as to whether Daniel Lizana Sr. fathered Daniel Lizana Jr. with Clementine Dedeaux.

Listed as Mulatto.

Children of Daniel Lizana and Victorine Dedeaux are:

2. i. ARTHUR LIZANA, b. September 12, 1888; d 1975, Delisle, MS Rocky Hill Cemetary on Menge Ave.


iii. FRANCESCA ANAIS LIZANA, b. December 19, 1881; d. Delisle, MS,
"Old" St. Stephens Cemetary; m. FELICE (JOHN) DEDEAUX.

3. iv. NICOLA "COLA" LIZANA, b. February 19, 1893.

v. THERESA LIZANA, b. Abt. April 4, 1890; d. June 16, 1965, Delisle, MS
"Old" St. Stephens Cemetery; m. VALDEZ AUGUSTIN DEDEAUX.

Notes for Valdez Augustin Dedeaux:
Baptized June 3, 1880, godparents were Eugene Saucier and Marie Dedeaux, priest was F.J. Blanc.

4. vi. GERTRUDE BEATRICE LIZANA, b. August 6, 1905.

vii. DANIEL (Jr.) LIZANA, b. June 19, 1879, Pass Christian, MS; d. December 11, 1962.

Notes for Daniel (Jr.) Lizana:
There is some speculation as to whether his natural parents were Daniel Lizana, Sr.
and Clementine "Aunt Jane" Dedeaux.

viii. GILBERT LIZANA, b. August 1, 1895; m. CAMILLA CALLAHAN, December 23, 1920.
He is buried in Delisle, MS at the "Old" St. Stephen's Cemetery.

5. ix. EDWARD LIZANA, b. February 22, 1898.

6. x. JOHN OLIVER LIZANA. b. August 21, 1900, d. September 1978. m. Laura Lang 1922.

This is information from a newspaper clipping that I found on Oliver: He was born in Delisle, MS and was a resident of Pass Christian for 9 years. Rev. Robert Bowen at Our Mother Of Mercy Catholic Church in Pass Christian performed his funeral service. He was laid to rest at St Stephen's Cemetary in Delisle. Gilbert, Sylvania, and Estelle were still alive at the time of his death.

xi. Sylvania Lizana b. February 28, 1908;m. Felton Benoit

xii. Julie Marcellina Lizana, b. December 27, 1883; d. Delisle, MS, "Old" St. Stephens Cemetary:
m. Frank Barbine

xiii. Evalina Lizana, b. March 3, 1886; m. John Dedeaux

Generation No. 2

2. Arthur (2) Lizana (Daniel (Sr.)1) was born September 12, 1888, and died 1975 in Delisle, MS,
Rocky Hill Cemetary on Menge Ave. He married Ruth White.

Children of ARTHUR LIZANA and RUTH WHITE are:
7. i. Audrey Lizana
ii. Vivian Lizana m. Adolph Alexander
iii. Arthur (Jr.) Lizana
iv. Hilton Lizana
v. "Bubba" Lizana
vi. Ray Lizana
vii. Roy Lizana
viii. Erma Lizana m. FNU Bowser
ix. Elizabeth Lizana

3. Nicola "Cola" (2) Lizana (Daniel (Sr.)) was born August 6, 1905. He married (1) Emma Saucier.
He married (2) unknown 2nd spouse.

Notes for Nicola Lizana:
Buried in Richmond, MS

Notes for Emma Saucier: Child(ren) name(s) unknown.

Child of Nicola Lizana and Emma Saucier is:
i. Child Lizana

4. Gertrude Lizana and Sidney Bond is:
i. Oneida Bond

5. Edward Lizana was born February 22, 1898. He married Delsina Bradley.

More about Edward Lizana:
Burial: Delisle, MS, "New" St. Stephens Cemetery

Child of Edward and Delsina Bradley is:
1. Emma/Elma Ellen Lizana.

Generation No 3

The Children of John Oliver Lizana and Laura Lang are:
i. Ellen Lizana b. 6/26/24 d. 1/10/99
ii. Hollis "Buddy" Lizana b. 6/6/26 d. 9/1960
iii. Mamie Frances (Lizana) Anderson b. 1/27/28

Ellen Lizana b. 6/26/24 d.1/10/99

Her children are: Horace Jacobs, Ronald Jacobs, Hilton Jacobs,Raudolph Jacobs Anthony Toles, Saundra Isabelle, Gloria Bennett, Mary Reed, Toni Brown, and Diane Dedeaux., Diane (Jacobs) Dedeaux, Hilton Jacobs, Horace Jacobs. ***There is a more "Extended Line" to this side of the family. I am working on it!!!

Hollis "Buddy" Lizana b. 6/6/26 d.9/1960

Before Hollis'death, he married and had four children. Elaine, Gayle, Laura, and Hollis,Jr. I am still trying to find his children-I believe that Elaine is in Arizona and Gayle is in Wisconcin.

Mamie Francis (Lizana) Anderson b.1/27/28

She married Otis Anderson around 1947 in New York. They had Three children: Flora Mae Anderson b.8/13/48 d. 8/14/48, Cynthia Marie Anderson b.8/17/49, and Suzanne Hester Anderson b. 6/30/51.

Suzanne H. Anderson had one daughter: Chammee' S. Anderson b. 9/28/76