Xenomorph Biology

The stages of life for Xenomorphs (aliens) is a constant loop, the new breed starts when the old left off. There are four main stages in the life-span of an alien, some aliens are differnt than others in senses, the queen differs from the warrior or worker and they differ from each-other.

Types: There are four types of aliens, the first being the Arachnid type, which hatchs from the initial egg.

The second type is the warrior, this type will have the task of fighting off foes threating the hive, bringing hosts to the hive and defending the queen and hosts form harm.

The third type of alien is the worker, these aleins have the tasks of transporting eggs, building hives,and when needed, they can and will take on the tasks of the other types.

the last type of alien, is the queen, the queen has the tasts of simply laying eggs, and minimal comunication between the other alien types.

Stage 1: Initial Egg: The alien queen lays this 3-foot tall, leathery egg and a worker alien in the hive (if any present at that time) brings the egg to either a cocooned captive to become implanted, or a storage area untill a warrior can capture a host. Once the egg senses movement out side of the it, three flaps open to reveal an egg sack with an orginisum inside. This completes the egg's part in the survival of the species.

Stage 2: Arachnid Orginisum: the Arachnid Orginisum or face hugger it has been nick-named hacthes from the egg -

We have succsesfully recovered what is thought to be a short video of the alien's hive. It is on on server here

Xenomorphs secrete a thick, clear substance that covers most of the body, this slime-like material serves as a coolant. Because a Xenomorph body radiates a lot of heat (external body temperatures have been measured up to 135 degrees farenheight) the substance serves as a sort of sweat As thick as it is, and the complex structure of it has, it can drop temperatures all the way down to 80 degrees. This is one of the things that the company can profit greatly on if synthesized. An advanced form of organic coolant that is easy and safe to make would generate great stock profits.

Among the other secretions Xenomorphs make, is a plastic like resin. This resin has been sampled and brought back to command centers. We have had no success getting creatures in captivity to make this resin, most have died within 48 hours of capture. The resin itself is amazing, unlike anything we have ever seen. It is very hard, about as hard as plexisteel, but five times as light. It weighs about the same as plastic and is a translucent blue color. Put to tests it serves much better than any light and strong material. On the down-side, it's cellular structure is much too complex to clone.

The Xenomorph DNA structure is in it's own, a wonder. It chnages when it meets with the host's DNA, and reconstructs the natural design to fit the environment. The Host's DNA ties in with the creature's to make a true hybrid organism that closely fits the profile of the original orginisum. The attributes of the host are subtle when mixed wiht the xenomorph's, and the xenomorph only makes small changes to it's DNA structure. As in the L-V-426, the creature's DNA combined with an officer's, making a human-Xenomorph hybrid that was best fit for capturing and killing members of the human race. In the incident at Fiorna 161, a canine served as a host, making a quadpedel canine-Xenomorph hybrid that was successful in killing humans, but designed to interact with canine society. Becuase of the DNA of a lesser life-form, it did not carry out the functions of an average Xenomorph, instead of capturing humens for the upcoming queen (That was gestating in Lt. Ripley at the time) it killed off the prisoners of the facility one by one. Leading us to believe that the xenomorph has a dependacy on humen of humen-like DNA, otherwise cuasing a DNA upset, confusing the orginuisum.

It is believed that Xenomorphs can live and prosper in any environment. Xenomorph respiration involves the transfer of oxygen to helium, than the helium into carbon dioxide, it's a complicated process in which we cannot fathom why it is done, in this process the creature produces a substance close to glucose, but much more advanced and double as effective as glucose. Becuase of the advanced resperation, the creature can store CO2 for a long period of time, allowing it to breath and live in no-O2 situations for up to a day at least. The other organs of the creature are still but a mystery.

Based on recent tests, it is found that the arachnid type creature has two egg sacs, one contains a warrior or worker, the other contains a queen egg. Depending on the situation, a sac will be chosen by instinct which egg will be dispatched. If there is any other Xenomorphs within the area (several hundred miles constitutes an area.) than the egg will be a worker or warrior. (this is just mathematics, two out of three creatures carry a worker, the remaining one is a warrior.) If there is no other creatures in the area, the queen egg will dispatch, starting a new colony.

More information on alien species will be displayed here as it becomes available. Testing and research is proceeding around the clock, but lack of subjects makes it hard for any information to come about.

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