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Welcome to my page. I'm a 28 year old native of Newburgh, NY which is a 1 and a ˝ hour ride north of New York City. I'am a major fan of Hank Williams Jr. As you can also see I've made his web site a link on mine. I have been a fan of Hank's for a while now and truly enjoy his music.I relate to Hank alot because of our fathers. As you may or may not know Hanks father died when he was three years old in the backseat of a white Cadillac on his way to a concert in Ohio. My father although he did not die left when I was two and I have yet to hear from him.

I will now begin with a little info on Hank. Hank Williams Jr was born Randall Hank Williams to Hank and Audrey Williams on May 26 1949 in Shreveport Louisiana. When born Hank was the biggest baby in the hospital nearly 12lbs. You know ol'Hank took pride in setting yet another record. He was raised in Nashville and was nicknamed by Hank BOCEPHUS. The name came from a ventriliquist dummy. As we all know Hank Jr. aint no dummy. Hank remained with Audrey while his daddy and Audrey divorced and Hank married Billie Jean Jones Eshilman. Hank missed lil'BOCEPHUS dearly while he was on the road as well as not with Audrey. As Hank was about to turn three Hank Williams died in the backseat of a Cadillac on the way to a concert. Hank as his daddy did would have to live without his daddy and stand in that HUGE shadow. Hank as a younster took up the guitar and began singing. While still a teenager he was signed to MGM Records, exactly as his dad had been in 1947. Hank Jr first reached the best selling charts in 1964 with a revival of his dad's #1 hit of 1950,"Long Gone Lonesome Blues. "Hank Jr.'s version soared to #5-his first charted record-which spiraled him to fame on his own! He continued with many top 10 records year after year right into 1970 when he went all the way to #1 with "All For The Love Of Sunshine" backed by the Mike Curb Congregation. Randall Hank Williams couldn't have inked a new label agreement at a more propitious moment. His final MGM album 1975's "Hank Williams Jr And Friends" was a culmination of several years hard work to stop being treated as safe appendage to his revered late father. Barely 26 when he recorded the set, Hank Jr. was a grizzled entertainment business veteran, with dozens of country hits to his name. He had lived on the road for half his life, and personified the expected myth: he had already been divorced twice, Jim Beam was a staple of his diet, and too much of his repetiore was either with his father or about the icon (sample:the 1973 tribute hit "Hank").But, prodded by the discontent with the Nashville Sound then fomenting in Texas and Muscle Shoals, Hank Jr. pieced together a set that was both remarkably up-to-date and a logical extension of his father's own proto-Outlaw leanings. "Hank Williams Jr. And Friends" was a personal and musical breakthrough for Hank Jr. Rambling down a lost highway where more signposts were erected by Lynyrd Skynyrd and Marshall Tucker than Hank and Lefty.Hank Jr. saw to it form now on his steps-and his misteps-would be his own.

In 1974 while climbing Ajax Mountain in Montana Hank took a fall of 497 feet and landed face first on a boulder. The country music world was at the helm of losing yet another superstar by the name of Williams. Through more then 14 operations Hank was able to go back out the after some prodding by Merle Kilgore. He came with "Family Tradition" in 1979 and made a HUGE impact on the charts with it. Every record Hank Williams Jr. made from "Family Tradition" on to his 1990 release "Maverick" went at LEAST gold and some platinum. In fact,"Hank Williams Jr.'s Greatest Hit's" JUST went quadruple platinum. So, Hank is still selling em good and fast gang. Please go to his site to get the scoop on all the latest news. I will do my best to keep ya's posted here as well too so keep stopping back.

Living Proof Video The fan club has been able to obtain copies of the "Living Proof" movie. We have had many, many request for this movie and now have it on sale at the fan club for $19.98. For more information call 1-800-FOR-HANK!!!

I'd like to thank you all for coming here.I also would like to thank Angelfire Communications for allowing me to build this page for you. I wanna thank you all for stopping by and for your kind regards on the page here. I'm so glad people actually enjoy this page and am happy that so many of you have stopped by to see it. I'm so honored you have all stopped in here and have liked what you have seen it's so cool to know that there are so many other fans of Hank out there. I'm always looking for ways to improve this page for you folks and make it more appealing to you. I keep looking for photos and graphics of Hank to post them here and make the page even bigger and better as only Hank would do for us fans out here.

I could EASILY take credit for this award,but you the people who come here,and have made this site what it is today,are the TRUE winners.

I'd like to take this time out to wish all of our fighting men and women a safe and speedy return home.May God bless you all, it is through your strength and determination that keeps America proud.This page is dedicated to all of our fighting men and woman of the United States Armed Forces.

Hope for the humor impaired! Check out the fat cat's official Web site!

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Below is a link for, the BEST source for Hank Williams Jr. CD's, as well as for ALL your favorite country singers.

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