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STS-107 crew at ESTEC for training

All seven of them had dreams of sailing in space
among the stars and milky way.

Brave they were and born to venture.
Called early on to follow this adventure

With their eager faces to weather their ship to shores not seen by many and see the beauty of the heavens.

These brave men will always be in our hearts and minds for what they stood for was their American dream
What our country means" the stars to climb"

Keeping up the values of our country and making it a better and stonger nation.
Keeping the dreams open and never losing their patience.

That's what its all about
that's why we should be proud.

Of people like the seven astronauts who gave to research and learning with there lifes.
That our world would be strong and safe and teach our children that bravery can come with a price.

They didn't die in vain cause the prize they sought was won
as their hearts were mended as one

The stars are the limit and this darkness will once again turn bright
The world will go on and all the scars will heal our sight.

So remember the dignity of these seven
They lived a dream and now shine brightly in the heavens

They went on to Glory to finish the race
Now looking down upon the future men and women who will finish the mission in the future of space.

God bless the families of these men and women

Written by Janet Ford