Lifes Journey

Lifes Journey will be what you make it
Full of laughter or filled with tears.
Full of emptiness or your platter full
its up to you--which way you grow.

Place all your dreams on the table.
Dreams of what you expect to find in life.
Nothing is impossible if you go for it.
Nothing is to hard if you keep your candle lit.

You will find it--You will dream it.
As an awesome adventure
With roads to cross and bends in the road
With arrows pointing where not to go.

Just follow the road map that comes along
Not the worlds--but the one God gives.
The road map "His Word" shows all that we need
To get through our journey and fullfill
our dreams.

With many attractions for us to see
Be careful of what your choice will be.
Some will lead you down deaths avenue.
So walk with caution and hold on too whats true.

Lifes Journey with all the bumps in the road.
Can make us strong and help us grow.
But we have a free will and choose our own dreams.
So just remember what your dream could mean.

When on lifes journey--make sure your dreams line up
with God's roadmap.

written by Janet Ford.