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Salvo's Sanitarium

Salvo (sal'vo') a discharge of a number of guns, in salute or at a target.
Sanitarium (san'e ter'e em) a resort where people go to regain health.
Some would call me a gun nut. I feel they should read the Constitution of the United States. and then go here..
I consider myself a person who still feels it is his responsibility to protect and defend his life and the life of his family and even to protect the life of those that are unable to protect themselves. "Laws and government cannot replace this personal caring and commitment. In the absence of the warrior protector, the only way that the government can protect a society is to remove the freedom of the people. And the sons and daughters of Lions become sheep"

With the ever increasing amount of criminal attackers using weapons and the apparent total disregard for human life that the criminal predators of today's society exhibit, the warrior of today must have the ability and means to protect life and should be trained in many forms of defense, which should include verbal commands, empty hand restraint, control and incapacitation and legal to carry weapons. If one takes self defense seriously they should not be limited to only one form of defense it should be layered and used to meat the threat accordingly.

Plus it is just plain fun to collect weapons, go out target shooting with friends and family or have a great work out at the Dojo. I swear I read somewhere that we have a right to pursue happiness and to keep and bear arms! Or maybe I'm just nuts!

Welcome relax and stay awile.

Salvo's Therapy

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