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$75 buys in. Entrants play weekly against each other for win/loss record and total points.

best win/loss record $250

most total points $150

During the season all players are allowed 2 free moves; dropping and picking up players and/or trades. After the second move there is a charge of $5. Money must be paid before another move is made. Highest 1-week point total wins pot.

There are no roster moves after the games begin on Sunday until Tuesday. The players with the worst win/loss record have first choice on Tuesday and Wednesday. After Wednesday it is first come first serve.

1 free bye week move allowed.

Only 1 forfiet is allowed. A second forfiet suspends you from the next season.

Entrants draft 25 players and receive 3 minutes per pick.

Entrants start 18 players per week. 6 offensive players, 11 defensive players, and 1 kicker. Roster is to be turned into the opposing player and the comissioner before the start of each NFL week, either by telephone or e-mail.

The 7 offensive players will include: 1 quarterback, 2 wide receivers, 1 tight end, 2 running backs

The 11 defensive players will include: 3 or 4 defensive lineman, 3 or 4 linebackers, and 4 defensive backs.


Field Goals

Bonus Points


Any questions about the rules, please direct to the Comissioner's Office and PLEASE no calls after 8pm.

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