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All About Me~
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My Story

So you wanna know my story. Well, I am the proud owner of two fabulous people named Ryan and Jessica. This story has yet to be told correctly, so who better to do it then me! Jess and Ryan were making their weekly trip to Pet Kingdom 2000, to pick up some mice for mitch. They walked in the door to see my beautiful brown pupy eyes. After a good hour of cuddle time, they put me back in my pen and proceeded browsing. Well, I was just not content with that. I jumped out of my pen, and ran down the aisle. They weren't leaving without me, and they didn't! It's been a wonderful life since then!

My home life started of rough. Being that I was stubborn, potty training didn't come quickly. I love to chew, so when toys became boring I improvised. Needless to say, mom wasn't happy when I tore up the bathroom floor.

Now, at one year old I am the model example of a wonderful boxer. What boxer isn't? Mom keeps talking about this agility thing she wants me to do. I run the house. It will be my decision!