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·All-American Rejects
Hey the new All-American Rejects self titled cd is out and ready for you to buy! This cd is great! Each song is nicely blended with guitar riffs and the nicely played keyboard. Each song is awesome and you can listen to the cd the whole way through. Pick it up now!!
»5 February 2003

·Oh it's awesome!
Here ya go this is the superbowl trailer of the Matrix just in case you missed it or just want to see it over and over again. CLICK HERE... enjoy!
»2 February 2003

·CRaZzZZY Excited!!
Ok I dunno if your as excited as I am but when I saw the trailer for the Hulk I went nuts! Then when I saw the trailer or teaser more like it for Matrix Reloaded and I think Matrix Revolutions I was even more hysterical. I found the trailers and watch them a couple times. The Hulk is the same but the Matrix is different it's the trailer for Reloaded only but it sure does get me pumped to see it. Check out the Hulk here and the Matrix Reloaded here!
»27 January 2003

·You Reject!
Finally a new band to listen to on the site. Your listening to the ALL AMERICAN REJECTS. This is "Swing Swing" from there self titled album. Hope you like it 'cause I do! Check out the MUSIC section for more!
»25 January 2003

·Hello Again...
Here's a new layout... thanks to TiNY... I copied his layout sorry. Don't hate me eh! Nothing else is done but I thought I'd let y'all take a look at it. Everything should be done before the next week. Check it out and I'll fix everything later so be patient. HOLLA!
»10 January 2003

Ok so I'm trying to get some new pics but I've seemed to misplaced my camera and I can't find it. I've looked everywhere! It's missing. Sorry the site hasn't been updated either. No one seems to be coming to it anyways so... I will do some here and there but don't expect much eh. Well that it... smile... KiN...
»19 December 2002