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With 55 years of practical experience in the magical arts, I am now offering my services to others with the promise of total confidentiality.

Are you tired of happiness passing you by? Why not take matters into your own hands and manage your own destiny?


No request refused & no limit. Order all you want at the current discounted price


And don't forget your furry, feathered and finned friends. Spells can be constructed for animals as well as humans. They need to be balanced for a happy, healthy life as well. Particularly when they have been exposed to the energy of a magical space.

(1) Once payment is received, your spell(s) will be created by me specifically for your own unique situation. That night I will cast your spell(s) using proven methods from my own and my family's magical journals dating back to the late 1200s Europe.

(2) If you want multiple spells pay all at once please, not a separate transaction for each spell. Just total it up and enter that amount in the appropriate box on the Paypal invoice.

3) Remember to type in the Paypal message box what type spell(s) you want. If it is to be on someone other than yourself list their names and what spell you want cast. If you don't know a name, type in any identifying info (example: "the girl who stole my necklace"). If the spell is for yourself, I'll need your name & birth date.

If you are worried about something biting you on the butt for negative spells make note of it and I will be more than happy to cast a protection spell against any such happening at no extra charge.

Successful spells last indefinitely. Depending on difficulty, results are seen anywhere from time of spell casting to a few months time, the norm being a week or two. Beware of those who give amazingly short time frames. No magical worker knows how difficult any particular spell might be until it is cast. Results depend on the individual circumstances & never have the same time frame.

I am an experienced, practicing family witch raised and formally trained in a traditional background. I am not New Age/Wiccan. I am a hereditary, traditional witch & our traditions have been around long before Wicca (1950‘s). Traditional craft consists of ALL type spells and no Rede or rulebook. It relies on one‘s common sense and intuition.


Those who look outside dream, those who look inside, awaken ~ Carl Jung

Magic Spells by Rimskittle does not accept responsibility for damages; be they cosmic, financial, personal or otherwise.
All content herein is copyrighted for purposes of this page and not public domain
All sales are final & non-refundable ~ In ordering you are acknowledging a 98% Success Rate

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