Gray's personality in BTN isn't much different from 64.. Oh what the fuzz am I saying? It's way different. He's more social than he was, so that's good. But he's angry all the time unless he's around a friend or Mary. He goes out every morning, even in the rain. Sometimes he says he's really depressed. It is very sad. I wish he was more happier. Just try being his friend, ok?

In BTN, Gray lives with his poor excuse for a grandfather, Saibara. This means he works at the Blacksmith place. He can also sometimes be seen wandering around in the inn. Saibara scolds him too much, and doesn't give him any praise for the hardest of work Gray accomplishes. From the looks of it he is no longer related to Hall (now renamed Doug) or Ann. Gray can also be seen in the library. I wish he had more of a part in HMBTN besides just being there. ;-;


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