Of all people, Gray just HAS to like that crackhead, Popuri. She's cute, but her red eyes are freaky. >< But I guess they needed sompin to match her pink hair.

This is Popuri. She's sweet and kind, so I guess Gray has a pretty good reason to like her. However they are both kind of opposite. Popuri talks way too much, Gray talks way too little. But they like eachother. Who said opposites couldn't attract? ^_~

Popuri loves flowers and sweets, such as cookies and cake. At one point, if you don't marry Popuri, Gray buys some flowers from her and plants them on Green Ranch. Ann and Popuri discuss it. Ann says he babies them. Guess he has a reason why. Because he loves her. When they marry, their baby is dressed in an oh-so-cute bunny outfit. It's adorable, yet sweet. Too bad Jack can't date guys, too. =P Bisexual Jack.. ooh.. Can someone submit this suggestion to Natsume? Pweeze?


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