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    Lilypie 5th Birthday Ticker

    *Every child is born an angel,
    you just have to give them roots & wings.*

    Tyler is a big sister!
    We are proud to announce the arrival of Carter Aiden Hess!
    He was born December 9, 2004 at 3:12am.
    He was 6 pounds 12 ounces and 18 inches long.
    Tyler absolutely loves her little brother and cant get enough of him!
    She is such a good big sister, helping mommy and daddy so much!

    Tyler Madison Hess arrived on Friday, January 24, 2003 at
    8:16 in the morning.
    On January 23rd at 9:30pm Mommy started to feel strong
    contractions and knew Tyler was coming. We left home
    at 10:00 and arrived to the hospital at 10:30pm.
    We were pleased to find out Mommy was
    5 cms dialated already!
    After 11 hours of painful labor Tyler was welcomed
    into the world! She was 7 lbs, 5 oz and 19 3/4 inches long.
    She had lots of hair and long legs.
    We thought she had brown hair but after it being washed
    and looking at it in the light we realized
    she has dark blondish hair. She got Mommy's blonde
    hair and blue eyes! She is absolutely beautiful!
    We came home on the 25th and everything is going great!

    Tyler has two big brother's named
    Nathen Michael and Ethan Tyler.
    They are both in heaven
    and watching over us.

    Mommy and Daddy are so excited
    to have a new baby!
    We feel so blessed to be getting
    another chance at parenthood.
    This is our only daughter so
    we couldn't be happier!

    Tyler is 4 Years Old!
    She is about 40 lbs now. She is lean and Tall.
    She is growing more and more everyday. She is wearing size X-Small in little girls clothes & size 11.5 in shoes.
    She is a very healthy and happy little girl.
    She is a very independant & wants to do everything on her own.
    She is very into music...singing and dancing. She is also very into anything girly like painting her nails, makeup and doing hair.
    She knows the words to so many songs and can tell you what the song is called and who sings it.
    She says she is going to be a little singer or dancer!
    You would be shocked at how well she talks compared to most 4 year olds
    She knows all he ABC's, her shapes and most numbers.
    She has been going to sunday school at church and loves it.
    She will be starting Pre-K this coming school year and is
    very excited about going to a "real" school.
    She is so smart! She loves to watch cartoons and Disney movies. She knows all the songs and dances.

    Tyler's Proud Parents are Nicole & Jason
    Her Godparents are Aunt Nikki & John
    Her Grandparents are Shelly, Christine, Julie, Michael & Sara
    Her Aunts are Erica, Monica, Nikki, Rachel & Zoe
    Her Uncles are Nathan, Matthew, Brandon, Jordan & Justin
    Her cousins are Nicole, Austin, Andrew & Brandon (R.I.P)

    ~Babies Don't Keep~
    Cleaning and scrubbing
    can wait till tomorrow...
    for babies grow up
    we've learned to our sorrow...
    So quiet down cobwebs
    dust go to sleep...
    I'm rocking my baby
    and babies don't keep!!

    ~Baby's Hand~
    Today I'll hold my baby's hand
    And take time to explore.
    The secrets of a baby's world
    This moment has in store.
    For that same hand will wave goodbye
    When baby days have passed.
    Today I'll hold my baby's hand
    For babies grow so fast.

    ~Ten Tiny Fingers~
    Ten tiny little fingers
    that always want to play,
    That never stop exploring
    the wonder of today.
    Ten tiny little fingers
    that from the very start,
    Will reach out for tomorrow,
    yet always hold your heart.

    ~So Much To Do~
    In a world that's all brand-new,
    Babies have so much to do!
    Laughing, making funny faces,
    Finding out those ticklish places...
    Cuddling up and wiggling toes,
    Looking cute in tiny clothes...
    Tasting, touching, reaching high,
    Crawling under, scooting by...
    Learning words and having fun-
    Making memories one by one.

    We also want to mention a couple people that
    we will always keep in our memory.

    Our Son Ethan Tyler 3/19/02-3/21/02
    Our Son Nathen Michael 10/20/00
    Our family dog Bonette 2/4/02
    Our nephew Brandon Ray 6/27/00-10/7/01
    Our dear close Friend Dave Williams 1972-8/14/02
    We Love & miss you all. R.I.P

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