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My First OB appointment! 

Current mood: Contemplative

On the 29th I had my very first OB appointment! We sat there for about 2 hours waiting to be seen though, and that I could have done without. My mom says these things are common, but I dunno about that.

Anyway, when we were finally seen, I met the Nurse that would most likely be taking care of me from here on out. Very nice lady. I had to pee so badly from sitting there for 2 hours, so I immediately gave the routine urine and went right in to take off all my clothes for this stranger. (Gotta love OB/GYN's They have the BEST job! LOL) I sat there with Paul, kinda in this nervous silence when in walked my new OB DR. Karen Dalley, and this nurse. My first impression was that she might be a bit snobby for my tastes, but she wasn't at all! She asked questions about my family medical history, whether there was history of birth defects in the family. She commented on Paul's tribal sleeve (Its supposed to be bones, If you've ever seen the movie Romper Stomper, its an exact...well, sorta..replica of what Russell crowe has on his arm) Anyway, she said he looked like a Giraffe which was an interesting thing to say...I can kinda see it. LOL

She then commented on my tattoo, asking if it was in Greek. I replied "Nope, that's Latin" And she went "Ah! Well, Greek, Latin, Its all the same to me!" Which made me bite my tongue a bit. Specially since medical terminology is either in Greek or Latin!

So after all that, I was finally asked to lay down and spread em ::grins:: Which of course, I replied "I haven't been in this position for a while" and the whole room cracked up, including the Dr. who snickered and said "I dunno about that, you sure do feel pregnant!"

Uh duh! LMFAO I meant in an OB/GYN's office ;)

Anyway, they did a pap, and a usual feeling around for stuff and she immediately said that everything was looking great, that things are nice and closed so my chances of miscarrying are slim to none. She then told me to wrap myself in this huge sheet thing, and walk down the hall so they could do an internal ultrasound just to make sure.

Again, I'm lying on this really really cold bed thingie, and this huge thing is being inserted into me, and I'm nervous as hell. But immediately that all went away when I saw her. The Dr. laughed and called her "touchie" She must have been sleeping or something ;) We don't know if its a girl, I just say her as a general pronoun deal. Its still too early to tell. A few more weeks! Although, I do have suspicion that she is a girl. Specially if she was as touchie as she was! lol

The Dr started talking about how healthy she looked, her size, her heart rate which was 165 which is VERY good for a fetus that just grew a heart the other day! lol Its amazing. Of course, I was too transfixed. It was like seeing God for the first time. This amazing baby, and it looks like a baby too! Head, arms, legs, fingers and was just hell of a spiritual experience. I can't wait to see her again this month on the 28th! YAY! I just wish they weren't a month apart. I have no way of knowing how things are going this early, specially cause I won't feel kicking for at least another 6 weeks.

We shall see, and I'll definitely keep you updated!