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The Coyote Night Dancers is a non-profit organization which furthers the education of others about the Native American culture by sharing through their arts of dancing, singing, drumming, signing, story telling, and the making of authentic regalia.
Our members are made up of young men and women 14-21 years of age along with their adult advisors.
All the dancers and drummers wear authentic Native American regalia which is hand made by each individual.
They have been seen at many of the local schools throughout California and Northern Nevada.
Along with school performances, they have entertained the Nevada Air Guard, the Recreation Department of Southern California, and the Lassen Chamber of Commerce.
They also perform each year at the Boy Scout Camp in Chester, California.
This group of performers opened the Nevada State Fair in 1998.
The dance team is made up of local youth performing the Fluff Dance, Flight of the Eagle, Ribbon Dance, Serpentine, Spear and Shield, plus many others.
Our dancers challenge the imagination guiding as many as 20 hoops at a time during the Hoop Dance. As you watch the designs take shape they seem to come alive before your very eyes.
You can also witness an awesome display of skill when our dancers present the Fire Hoop Dance, rarely performed in the United States.
We conclude our program with a Native American story. Our story teller will keep everyone mesmerized as the story unfolds.
The dance team presents a drug, alcohol, and tobacco free program.

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