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May 21 / June 23 / August 26

The Theotokos of Vladimir (Vladimirskaya) is one of the most well-known Orthodox icons. It is presently located in the Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow, Russia.

The Vladimir Icon of the Mother of God was painted by the Evangelist Luke on a board from the table at which the Savior ate together with His All-Pure Mother and Righteous Joseph. The Mother of God, upon seeing this image, exclaimed, "Henceforth, all generations shall call Me blessed. The grace of both My Son and Me shall be with this icon."

In the year 1131, the icon was sent from Constantinople to Rus to holy Prince Mstislav (April 15) and was installed in the Devichi monastery in Vyshgorod, the ancient appanage city of the holy Equal of the Apostles Princess Olga.

The son of George Dolgoruky, St Andrew Bogoliubsky, brought the icon to the city of Vladimir in 1155 and installed it in the renowned Dormition cathedral which he built. At this time the icon received its name of the Vladimir Icon. The icon was first brought to Moscow in the year 1395. Thus, the blessing of the Mother of God established the spiritual bonds of Byzantium and Rus via Kiev, Vladimir and Moscow.

The festal celebration of the Vladimir Icon of the Most Holy Theotokos occurs several times during the year.

Meeting of the Vladimir Icon upon its Transfer from Vladimir to Moscow

The most solemn celebration of the icon occurs on August 26, the feast established in honor of the Meeting of the Vladimir Icon upon its Transfer from Vladimir to Moscow.

Meeting of the Vladimir Icon in memory of Saving of Moscow from the Invasion of Khan Achmed

On June 23 the Church celebrates the miracle of the Vladimir Icon of the Mother of God, which led to the saving of Moscow from the invasion of Khan Achmed in 1480.

Meeting of the Vladimir Icon of the Mother of God

On May 21 of each year, the feast Celebration of the Vladimir Icon of the Mother of God is celebrated to commemorate the deliverance of Moscow from an invasion of Tatars in 1521.


O Mistress, Empress and Lady, defend all who are in danger and misfortune or weak from many sins, and who stand before your holy Icon praying with tears, humility, repentance, and invincible hope, free them from all evil, give them the grace they need. And save us all, O Virgin Mother of God, for you are the divine refuge of those who follow you!

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