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September 16

The Icon of the Mother of God (Prizri na Smirenie) "Support of the Humble" appeared in the year 1420 in the Pskov lands at Stony Lake. The Kiev "Support of the Humble" icon is a nineteenth century copy.

In the autumn 1992 this Icon was handed over to the St. Vvedensky Monastery of the Holy Presentation of the Blessed Virgin in Kiev by schema-monk Pheodora (+ 1994). The Icon at once attracted the attention of believers by its extraordinary beauty and bright colors. People were praying before this Icon for hours.

One day hegumen Damian, the abbot of the community, noticed that the Icon, which had been placed in a wooden frame under glass, appeared darker. When the glass was removed, it was revealed that the bright colors of the Icon had not changed, but on the reverse side of the glass a silvery imprint was revealed, a mirror image of Mother of God and Child as on the icon.

Shortly thereafter miracles were reported, attributed to the icon. The first miracle was the healing of a pregnant woman who had contracted hepatitis which threatened the life of her unborn child.

The Icon was then placed in the Danilovsky Monastery in Moscow amid great splendor.

Source : Miraculous Icon of the Mother of God "Support of the Humble" : Visions of Jesus Christ