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Communities Against Riverboat Expansion



On Tuesday, August 31 2004 you will be asked to cast your vote, yes or no,


Gambling games on an excursion gambling boat in Washington County are approved.


Are you well enough informed to decide this issue?


If you live in Washington County you more than likely have read articles or talked with friends, and neighbors about the Casino doing great things for the town of Riverside, and Washington County.  There is no doubt that what is being circulated makes it look that way, but are you aware of the sources of this information?  It should not surprise you that the strongest proponents of the casino are either already being paid by the casino, and/or will personally profit from it if voted in.  They surely would want you to have all the facts so you can make an informed vote, wouldn’t they?


Get the facts from sources that care for their community before their pocketbook.