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To the Editor:

    Radio and TV ads are constantly broadcasting and showing the number 1-800-BETS-OFF.

    Why in the world would we want a casino on the little English River in Washington County?

    It is impossible for me to believe voters and supervisors of Washington County would be nšive enough to think a casino would bring jobs to our county, jobs that would provide a living for people.  Even if persons would be paid for part-time work, there would be many more part-time problems.

    Not everyone comes away from gambling tables or slot machines a big winner -- in fact, few do.

    I hope the casino doesn't come to the English and Washington County and we keep building our towns to be healthy and strong with the good, old-fashioned Midwestern work ethic and remember there really isn't any "free ride."

    Those opposed need to register to vote and VOTE NO to the gambling casino in Washington County.

Marilyn Woodin

Kalona, Iowa