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To the Editor:

    Many feel that should the casino be voted in, it won't affect them.  "I don't gamble and will never set foot in the establishment," an attitude some are taking.

    Do you live alone, in a remote rural setting, the perfect target for burglary?

    Do you have family, neighbors living from paycheck to paycheck where a spouse sees gambling as a rescue from debt?  You may have to call 911 over the heated (and possibly abusive) argument that ensues when Dad's lost his entire paycheck hoping ton that "big win."

    You may witness relatives', friends or neighbor's children go without because less money is brought home to be spent on them.  Those same children stand increased chances of abuse in such households.  You could witness that.  Will you make those 911 calls?  What of children who aren't abused themselves, but witness their own friend's abuse?  What lasting effects will it have on them? 

    You may be the one family or friends turn to for support when they file bankruptcy.

    Studies show that initially property values will rise, and then decline.  When your property devalues, will you still claim this has not affected you?

    A point rose at a recent C.A.R.E. meeting, "How could anything good come from people's losses?"  Think about it.

    Even in families views are different about whether or not this casino should come.

    Those feeling strongly about it may experience irreconcilable differences, causing friction that lasts for years.  Is this worth tearing your family apart?  Another negative from something the promoters say is positive.  This is happening already.

    On a clear night our star-filled sky will be replaced with an artificial glow from the casino lights.  Every night.  Forever.  Are you ready to give away the moon and the stars, for yourself, your children and grandchildren?

    You can bury your head in the sand and claim that this won't affect you.  You are wrong.  It will affect us all.  Few may prosper.  Many will not.  This is backed up in fact.  Please, vote "NO" on August 31.

Lisa Czyzewicz, Chair, C.A.R.E. Committee

421 Elm Street, Riverside, 648-3401

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