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To the Editor:

    We write in opposition to the expansion of gambling in Washington County.  Iowa already has many forms of gambling in many different places not very far from here.  We believe Iowa has enough gambling.

    Gambling does not create new goods and services and does not create wealth.  Our county needs to pursue businesses that produce products and offer good jobs with benefits.

    Last Sunday an article in The Des Moines Register stated that 20,000 Iowans have severe gambling problems and twice that number are at risk of falling into that category.  The Iowa Senate has taken funds designated to help problem gamblers and used them for other purposes.

    People gamble to put more money into their pockets. It is a false hope.  Gambling is not the wholesome family activity that the slick advertising flyers make it out to be.  The way you get ahead is to work hard, spend wisely, and practice disciplined saving.  We hope that you will join us and vote "no" on Aug. 31.

Rev. Don Hodson and wife, Kathy

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