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To the Editor:

    People believe one side of a story because that side is what they hear.  There are positive and negative sides to a casino coming to Riverside.  The press shows us mainly positive.  Thankfully, Brad Franzwa (chair of Communities Against Riverboat Expansion) shows his concern for our communities in bringing all of the facts to light.  I support his efforts 100 percent.

    Initially, I'm informed, "This casino will create 700 jobs in Washington County!"  Now the number has changed to 600.  do casino representatives know their numbers?  If so, why change them?  I question, "Are any of the numbers that they are reporting accurate?

    I'm unaware unemployment is an issue in Riverside.  Most residents work outside city limits.  The casino owners have a construction contractor.  Jobs for building this place will come from outside, not our own communities.

    Some individuals have a real addiction to gambling.  Think about the crime rate soaring where people are desperate for money.  Studies show that alcoholism, abuse (child and domestic), violence and drug problems increase in communities near gambling establishments.  Our Sheriff's Department coverage would have to increase, along with taxes.  Our overcrowded jail will have more people to put where there is already no room.  Currently in communities where many people feel safe not locking their doors at night attitudes would have to change.

    These are few of my many concerns the impact of a casino may have on our communities.  I urge every voting Washington County resident, before deciding how you feel, EDUCATE YOURSELF.  hear both sides, and get the truth about the effects of a gambling establishment in our county.  Know ALL the facts and make a fair judgment before casting your vote.

    Please, don't say you just, "don't care."

Lisa Czyzewicz, C.A.R.E. Committee chair

421 Elm Street

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Riverside 648-3401