mY bIO

Name: Brandon Anderson

DOB: 8/1/86

Height: 57

Weight: 235 lbs.

Race: Mixed. Half black and half white

Eye Color: Red(with contacts)

Real Eye Color: Brown

Sex: Male

Citizenship: U.S. of A.

Origin: Southeast Minneapolis, MN

Number of Kills: A lot

Weapon of Choice: An ax

Favorite Cigarette Brand: Newport

Least Favorite Cigarette Brand: Anything light

Hobbies: Drinkin', smokin' weed, and all types of ill shit

Favorite Song: 2nd Hand Smoke

Otha 411: Been down wit da clownz fo a year an a half now. I've grown up around a lot a racism and was almost killed fo bein' half black when my house was set on fire in South Saint Paul back in October '93 at like 3 a.m. when we was asleep. I been sufferin' from chronic depression since then and am on Prozac which ain't even helpin'. Became a juggalo back in 2000. I'm single, I ain't got no job, and I ain't got shit to do. I am currently living in the heart of the richiest suburbs you've ever seen. I loathe it. It ain't easy bein' a half breed while livin' in a all white rich goodie biggot town neighborhood. Will be returnin' to Minneapolis and possibly movin' to Detroit in about a year since I gots family over there. Picture above was from the Dark Lotus instore tour in Minneapolis. Me and my homie Bry was sittin' in a Micky D's eatin' and waitin' for our turn. And above all, I is a Juggalo to the core 4 life. PEACE-OUT!!!!

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This web site is dedicated to my homie and juggalo Sean Steiner who just recently hung himself in April 2002. He decided to listen to I'm Alright right before he hung himself, and that is now my favorite song. Rest in peace home boy.