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Home inspections saves you money and unexpected costly hidden repairs . -- Call (702)363-5944- Best service and guaranteed lowest prices.

** Offering Residential Home Inspection**
**For The Concerned & Well Informed Smart Home Buyer**
We always Provide Comprehensive, Professional, Thorough, inspections to give you Peace of Mind in your Home Purchase.

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30 years of in depth experience in the building trades in the Las Vegas area.


Guaranteed best service and LOWEST INSPECTION FEE'S in the Las Vegas area. Please call for price quotes at


(702) 363-5944

List of Services


  1. Written Reports -
    Our "on site" reports are a combination checklist and narrative written report for the property we are inspecting. It is not a canned or made up report. Each report is prepared especially for the individuals home we are inspecting. We cut out the fluff and get right to the point without excess wasted time and paper. They are detailed and easy to understand.

  2. Structural Assessment -
    We give you a general assessment of the structural components of the house, including the basement, attic, flooring, wall, etc.
  3. Roof Assessment -
    We give you details on the type of roof, roofing components and slope of the main roof, and any additional roofing attached to the house. We also detail the condition of any plumbing vents, chimneys, flashing or other protruding structures through the roofing material.

  4. Plumbing Assessment -
    We will describe the type of plumbing in the house, both supply and waste. Details will be supplied that identify any potential condition, which may cause a problem with the supply or waste systems.

  5. Site & Drainage -
    Identify problems with natural drainage of ground water that could potentially damage the home. Point out conditions of roof drainage in respect to any damage that may deteriorate the foundation or other structural material in the home.

  6. Electrical System Assessment -
    We will inspect the electrical system. We will also discuss the ability to expand the current system to meet your needs or situation.  

  7. Air Conditioning and Heating systems -
    We inspect air conditioning and heating systems of the home. We will detail the type of the systems, general observable conditions, and performance of the systems if weather conditions are conclusive for testing of the equipment.

  8. Exterior Assessment -
    We inspect and report the condition of all exterior building material of the home including siding, paint, trim, porches, decks, outside electrical, plumbing fixtures, doors, windows, and even problems with vegetation and trees that could result in damage with the home.

  9. Interior Assessment -
    We inspect and report the visual structural condition of walls, ceilings, floors, windows, doors, stairs electrical outlets, heating units, and plumbing fixtures.

  10. Attic Assessment -
    We inspect attic space for structure, ventilation, roof sheathing, insulation and vapor barriers. We also report on accessibility, lighting and any equipmnet which might be located in this space, (ie. House fans).

    (702) 363-5944


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