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Okay, this section isnt completely finished, as I haven't written some of the descriptions towards the end of the list, but I'm assuming you are all sick of waiting, so here ya go.

Alit Hide

Weight: 1.00, Value: 5

The tough hide of the wild alit makes a serviceable multi-purpose leather. Ashlanders hunt the alit and use their tanned hides as trade goods.

Drain Intelligence | Resist Poison | Telekinesis | Detect Animal

Ampoule Pod

Weight: 0.10, Value: 2

Ampoule pods grow on the draggle-tail plant, along with coda flowers. They grow well in swampy regions, and are found commonly along the southern parts of the bitter coast.

Water Walking | Paralyze | Detect Animal | Drain Willpower

Ash Salts

Weight: 0.10, Value: 25

Ash salts are hard, crystalline, grey remants of Ash Ghouls, Ash Zombies and some of Daogth Ur's personal guards.

Drain Agility | Resist Magicka | Cure Blight Disease | None

Ash Yam

Weight: 0.50, Value: 1

Ash yam is a tough tuberous root vegetable with modest magical properties. It grows commonly in the Ascadians Isles region.

Fortify Intelligence | Fortify Strength | Resist Common Disease | Detect Key

Bittergreen Petals

Weight: 0.10, Value: 5

Bittergreen is a red plant with modest magical properties, found in foyadas around the red mountain region.

Restore Intelligence | Invisibility | Drain Endurance | Drain Magicka

Black Anther

Weight: 0.10, Value: 2

Black anther is a deep violet coloured plant found along Azura's Coast and the Ascadian Isles. It has a very unpleasant taste, and should not be eaten raw.

Drain Agility | Resist Fire | Drain Endurance | Light

Black Lichen

Weight: 0.10, Value: 2

Black lichen is a tough primitive plant, which grows on stones around the Ascadian Isles, Azura's Coast, The Ashlands, Red Mountain and Molag Amur.

Drain Strength | Resist Frost | Drain Speed | Cure Poison


Weight: 0.10, Value: 5

Bloat is a white-greyish residue that can be extracted from the sponge-like bloatspore plant. This plant grows well in dark, damp places, such as in the shadow of dense or flowering plants. Bloat is frequently found around the Ascadian Isles region.

Drain Magicka | Fortify Intelligence | Fortify Willpower | Detect Animal


Weight: 0.20, Value: 2

Bonemeal is a finely ground powder from the bones of humanoid races. Alchemists have identified its magical properties, and use it in various elixirs and potions.

Restore Agility | Telekinesis | Drain Fatigue | Drain Personality


Weight: 0.20, Value: 2

Bread is one of the most common foods in Vvardenfell, made from wickwheat and a special paste extracted from ash yams, it sometimes contains various herbs for extra flavour.

Restore Fatigue | None | None | None

Bunglers Bane

Bunglers bane is a shelf fungus that grows commonly on trees in the Bitter Coast Region. It has a very dry, dusty taste, and should not be confused with hypha facia. It is not poisonous, but is very unhealthy and should not be eaten.

Drain Speed | Drain Endurance | Dispel | Drain Strength


The scrawny, flecked, shrub of Chokeweed, with fern-like fronds, grows in the highlands of West Gash and occasionally along the northern areas of the Bitter Coast.

Drain Luck | Restore Fatigue | Cure Common Disease | Drain Willpower

Coda Flower

Coda flower is the mature version of the ampoule pod, and is the flower of the draggle-tail plant. It grows in the swampy regions of the lower Bitter Coast, mainly in or around marshes and ponds.

Drain Personality | Levitate | Drain Intelligence | Drain Health


Comberry is a bitter tasting berry, often used to make wine. it grows mainly in the Ascadian Isles, usually, but not always, near a bush of heather.

Drain Fatigue | Restore Magicka | Fire Shield | Reflect

Corkbulb Root

Corkbulb plants are grown for their tough, fibrous roots which have modest magical properties. They can be eaten raw to cure paralyzation, but, unless they are first boiled, they have an unpleasant, chewy texture, so are not often eaten unprepared.

Cure Paralyzation | Restore Health | Lightning Shield | Fortify Luck

Corprus Weepings

Corprus weepings are a yellow, greasy residue, collected from the many infected, pus-filled sores around the eyes of a corprus beast, which are a result of the disease.

Drain Fatigue | Fortify Luck | Drain Willpower | Restore Health

Crab Meat

Crab meat is another common food in Vvardenfell. The native Mudcrab is an easy prey and can be hunted all along the coast of Vvardenfell.

Restore Fatigue | Resist Shock | Lightning Shield | Restore Luck

Daedra Skin

A daedra's pale skin is tough and leathery to the touch. The art of removing the skin of the daedra is an unpleasant process, which requres great skill and patience, and is not practised commonly in Vvardenfell.

Fortify Strength | Cure Comon Disease | Paralyze | Swift Swim

Daedras Heart

A daedra's heart must be removed during the brief period of its appearance on the mortal plane. The daedra's heart has modest magical properties, but, since removing the heart is generally fatal to the specimen, the substance is rare and expensive.

Restore Magicka | Fortify Endurance | Drain Agility | Night Eye


Diamonds are extracted from rocks in Vvardenfells mainland, in locations which are mainly kept secret. It is rumoured the some diamonds are cursed, and summon dremoras when touched.

Drain Agility | Invisibility | Reflect | Detect Key

Dreugh Wax

Dreugh wax is a tough film, scraped from dreugh scales. Dreugh are powerful, big and fairly intelligent crustaceans. Big, hard shears make them dangerous opponents.

Fortify Strength | Restore Strength | Drain Luck | Drain Willpower


Ectoplasm is the green, mucilaginous residue of ghosts, that have been banished from the mortal realm.

Fortify Agility | Detect Animal | Drain Strength | Drain Health


The emerald is a shiny green gem of high value, with fairly good magical properties. It is rumored that there are cursed version of these gems, that will summon Dremora from another realm.

Fortify Magicka | Restore Health | Drain Agility | Drain Endurance

Fire Petal

Fire petals have modest magical properties, and are collected from the fire fern that grows around Red Mountain, Molag Mar, and Azura's Coast.

Resist Fire | Drain Health | Spell Absorption | Paralyze

Fire Salts

Fire Salts are the orange-red crystals which remain after the death of a fire atronach.

Drain Health | Fortify Agility | Resist Frost | Fire Shield

Frost Salts

Frost Salts are the blueish-white crystals, which remain after the death of a frost atronach.

Drain Speed | Restore Magicka | Frost Shield | Resist Fire

Ghoul Heart

An ash ghoul's heart must be removed during the brief period of its appearance on the mortal plane. The ghoul's heart has modest magical properties, but, since removing the heart is generally fatal to the specimen, the substance is rare and expensive.

Paralyze | Cure Poison | Fortify Attack | None

Gold Kanet

Gold Kanet has yellow flowers and very dark green leaves with sharp spines. This flower can be picked on the Ascadian Isles and along Azura's Coast.

Drain Health | Burden | Drain Luck | Restore Strength


Gravedust is the substance that builds up during decomposition of a corpse in its grave. This dust has modest magical properties and can commonly be found in coffins and sarcophagus's.

Drain Intelligence | Cure Common Disease | Drain Magicka | Restore Endurance

Green Lichen

Green lichen is a tough primitive plant, which grows on stones around the Ascadian Isles, Azura's Coast, The Ashlands, Red Mountain and Molag Amur.

Fortify Personality | Cure Common Disease | Drain Strength | Drain Health

Guar Hide

Guar hide is commonly used to make clothing and armour. Guars are very common beasts on Vvardenfell, and are sometimes tamed and used as packbeasts. Tamed guars are very friendly and, but wild guar, which usually roam in herds, will charge at an intruder on sight.

Drain Fatigue | Fortify Endurance | Restore Personality | Fortify Luck

Hackle-Lo Leaf

Hackle-lo leaf is a pleasant tasting green leaf that can be obtained from the hackle-lo shrub, which grows natively in the Grazelands. Hackle-lo is well known for its restorative powers.

Restore Fatigue | Paralyze | Water Breathing | Restore Luck


Heather is a stout evergreen shrub of the Ascadian Isles, known for its small, pinkish-purple flowers. It commonly grows close to gold kanet and stoneflower plants.

Restore Personality | Feather | Drain Speed | Drain Personality

Hound Meat

Hound meat is the soft, sweet flesh of the nix hound. Nix hounds are common almost everywhere in Vvardenfell.

Restore Fatigue | Fortify Fatigue | Reflect | Detect Enchantment

Hypha Facia

Hypha Facia is a common moist tasting shelf fungus of dark brown coloring which can be found growing on treetrunks all along the swampy areas of the Bitter Coast. This mushroom can easily be confused with Bungler's Bane, which has a much lighter colour, and a dryer, dustier taste.

Drain Luck | Drain Agility | Drain Fatigue | Detect Enchantment

Kagouti Hide

The tough hide of the kaugoti is a common trade item in Vvardenfell, used mainly for making armour and weapons. The kagouti is an extremely aggresive beast, especially when mating, which makes hunting them a very dangerous occupation.

Drain Fatigue | Fortify Speed | Resist Common Disease | Night Eye

Kresh Fibre

Kresh fibre is harvested from the broad leaved, flowering kreshweed plant. Kreshweed grows near stone formations in West Gash, along the Bitter Coast and near Sheogorad. The fibre of the kreshweed plant is used mainly for making clothing, but it also has modest magical properties, and is used in basic alchemical preparations.

Restore Luck | Fortify Personality | Drain Magicka | Drain Speed

Kwama Cuttle

Weight: 0.10, Value: 2

Kwama cuttle is the gooey flesh of the kwama species. For a skilled alchemist, it has powerful alteration properties, and also makes a nutritious, pleasant tasting snack.

Resist Poison | Drain Fatigue | Water Walking | Water Breathing

Large Corprusmeat Piece

Weight: 1.00, Value: 2

Corprusmeat is the extremly badtasting and smelling flesh of dead corprus victims. This meat might serve as food for daedras or be a substance used by necromancers. Its magical properties are malicious to its consumer, though potions made of corprusmeat are of high monetary value!

Drain Fatigue | Drain Health | Drain Magicka | None

Large Kwama Egg

Weight: 2.00, Value: 2

Kwama eggs are a nutritious foodstuff found all over Vvardenfell, and the egg mines scattered throughout Morrowind provide a major source of income to The Empire. They are a marbled white colour and have an appealing taste.

Restore Fatigue | Paralyze | Frost Shield | Fortify Health

Large Wrapped Corprusmeat


Drain Fatigue | Drain Health | Drain Magicka | None

Luminous Russula


Water Breathing | Drain Fatigue | Poison | None



Restore Health | Detect Enchantment | Drain Willpower | Drain Fatigue

Medium Corprusmeat Piece


Drain Fatigue | Drain Health | Drain Magicka | None

Medium Wrapped Corprusmeat


Drain Fatigue | Drain Health | Drain Magicka | None

Moon Sugar


Fortify Speed | Dispel | Drain Endurance | Drain Luck



Drain Intelligence | Detect Key | Drain Personality | Cure Common Disease

Netch Leather


Fortify Endurance | Fortify Intelligence | Drain Personality | Cure Paralyzation



Drain Agility | Dispel | Water Breathing | Resist Common Disease

Racer Plumes


Drain Willpower | Levitate | None | None

Rat Meat


Drain Magicka | Paralyze | Cure Poison | Resist Poison

Raw Ebony


Drain Agility | Cure Poison | Frost Shield | Restore Speed

Raw Glass


Drain Intelligence | Drain Strength | Drain Speed | Fire Shield

Red Lichen


Drain Speed | Light | Cure Common Disease | Drain Magicka



Restore Health | Restore Speed | Burden | Resist Common Disease



Drain Willpower | Fortify Agility | Drain Health | Cure Poison



Drain Health | Feather | Restore Intelligence | Drain Agility



Restore Fatigue | Fortify Magicka | Drain Strength | Restore Health



Drain Personality | Water Walking | Restore Endurance | Swift Swim

Scamp Skin


Drain Magicka | Cure Paralyzation | Restore Personality | Restore Strength



Drain Strength | Cure Poison | Drain Health | Restore Willpower

Scrap Metal


Drain Health | Lightning Shield | Resist Shock | Restore Intelligence

Scrib Jelly


Fortify Willpower | Cure Poison | Cure Blight Disease | Restore Willpower

Scrib Jerky


Restore Fatigue | Fortify Fatigue | Burden | Swift Swim



Restore Fatigue | Fortify Fatigue | Feather | Telekinesis

Shalk Resin


Drain Fatigue | Fortify Health | Drain Personality | Fortify Speed

Sload Soap


Drain Personality | Fortify Agility | Fire Shield | Restore Agility

Small Corprusmeat Piece


Drain Fatigue | Drain Magicka | None | None

Small Kwama Egg


Restore Fatigue | None | None | None

Small Wrapped Corprusmeat


Drain Fatigue | Drain Magicka | Drain Health | None

Spore Pod


Drain Strength | Drain Fatigue | Detect Key | Paralyze

Stoneflower Petals


Restore Strength | Fortify Magicka | Drain Luck | Fortify Personality

Trama Root


Restore Willpower | Levitate | Drain Magicka | Drain Speed

Vampire Dust


Fortify Health | Fortify Strength | Spell Absorption | Vampirism

Violet Coprinus


Water Walking | Drain Fatigue | Poison | None

Void Salts


Restore Magicka | Spell Absorption | Paralyze | Drain Endurance



Restore Health | Fortify Willpower | Paralyze | Damage Intelligence

Willow Anther


Drain Personality | Frost Shield | Cure Common Disease | Cure Paralyzation

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