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Washing your PVC clothing
As long as the PVC clothing isn't soiled many people will just freshen the polyester inside up with a product similar to 'Febreeze' and wipe the PVC outside with a damp sponge.
However, if you feel the need for a more thorough clean you can hand wash your PVC clothes in lukewarm water with a very small amount of liquid detergent (flakes can stick to the PVC), making sure you wash inside & outside of the PVC clothing. Rinse inside & out thoroughly in cool water until all soap has been removed. Turn the PVC clothes inside out and hang to drip-dry. When the polyurethane inside is dry, turn it right way round & allow PVC outside to dry. Never put it in the dryer or use heat to speed up the drying process as heat can melt the PVC and the fumes from burning or smoking PVC are dangerous.

Non PVC friendly substances
Be careful not to get any organic solvents near your PVC clothing or it will certainly mean the end for your brand new outfit as the shape of your PVC clothes will be distorted with acetone. Then there is the obvious point about not drawing on your PVC with a permanent maker or getting nail polish (or remover) on your PVC dress.

Storage of your PVC clothing
Different coloured PVC garments, especially white, should be stored separately from each other, otherwise staining may occur. PVC clothing is best stored hanging in a garment bag away from other clothing.

Shining your PVC clothing
The fabric used for our PVC clothes range is polyurethane-coated polyester. This PVC fabric is more resistant to wear and tear than rubber, and PVC clothing does not require the use of any shining products. However you can polish your PVC clothing if desired with silicone spray or a product similar to armor-all or flash dash, which are available from car accessory shops.

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