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Coop Coaster Set

Coop Coasters Set $12.99

The Devil Made Me Do It!

Devilish babes, sweet rides, clean lines, and a deep, devilish infatuation with the dark side have kept Coop on top of the low-brow artists' heap for a long while.

That, and of course, his incredibly gorgeous sense of design. Here is our latest addition to the Coop fan collection: a set of four thick and sturdy full color Coop coasters, packaged in a sweet little tin case.

Silver Screen Classic Rhinestone Cigarette Holders

Styled like those in the '40's, our sleek cigarette holder is approx. 6 inch Dinner Length. In Classic Black, Lipstick Red - with clear rhinestones, and Snow Queen - with ruby rhinestones. Durable, hard plastic design is perfect for both everyday use or for the swanky you! (All holders fit standard diameter cigarettes of any length).



Beatles Zippo Lighter - No Where Man

Zippo - The Beatles [Yellow Submarine] "No Where Man"

Nowhere Man - Satin Chrome [1 in stock]

ZIPB151  $59.99
As Shown.

Yellow Submarine Lighter

Zippo - The Beatles [Yellow Submarine] "Pepperland"

Pepperland - Brushed Chrome Finish


ZIPB151  $54.99
As Shown.

Petty Zippo Lighter-My Witch

Zippo - 1999 - Limited Edition Petty Girl Zippo Lighter

"Bewitching" Lighter - Satin Black Finish. [1 in stock]

ZIPB151  $64.99
As Shown.

Petty Girl Lighter

1999 - Limited Edition Petty Girl Zippo Lighter

"Silver Blonde" Lighter - Brushed Chrome Finish [2 in stock]

ZIPB151  $64.99
As Shown.

Petty Girl Lighter

1999 - Limited Edition Petty Girl Zippo Lighter

"Satin Doll" Lighter - Black Ice Finish. [2in stock]

ZIPB151  $64.99
As Shown.

Molly Escort Service Zippo Lighter

"Sin City" Molly Escort Service Zippo Lighter

Collectible Item - Featuring brand-new art by Sin City creator Frank Miller, this artifact will make your friends wonder whether you just got back from the tawdry town. The two-color (black and red) artwork is printed on one side of a genuine, high-quality, high-polish, chrome Zippo® lighter. $64.99

"Devil Bettie"Zippo Lighter

That Bettie -- isn't she a li'l devil? Zippo® Lighter - Based on a photo by Bunny Yeager and colorized by the Dark Horse production and design team, the lighter features a new technology allowing photographic images to be applied to a metal lighter. $74.99

Playboy Bunny Zippo Lighter
Playboy in Black & White
ZIPB01  $26.99
High Polish Chrome finish.

Camel Lighter
Camel Zippo Lighter
CAMO1#1   $39.99
Satin chrome finish.


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